Tyler1 is moving to Korea for his next League of Legends challenge

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Tyler1 korea challenge

Tyler1 has revealed that he’s heading to Korea for his next League of Legends challenge and he’ll be queuing autofill the entire trip.

On February 19, Tyler1 finally completed his quest to hit Challenger in every single role in League of Legends.

After hitting the milestone, he revealed that support was by far the “easiest role in the game” and hinted that he’d be taking his stream “worldwide”.

This left a lot of his fans confused about Tyler’s next move, especially after he’d reached all of his goals in the NA region.

Well, on April 14, Tyler finally revealed his future plans it involves him moving to Korea in an attempt to hit Challenger on the Ranked ladder.

Tyler1 korea trip
Tyler1 is heading to Korea in late April.

Tyler1 reveals he’s going to Korea to play LoL

During his April 14 stream, Tyler1 revealed that he’s going to Korea for his next LoL challenge and he’ll be queueing autofill all the way up to Challenger.

The popular streamer won’t be going alone though, as he’ll also be making the trip with high-elo jungler Julian ‘Tarzaned’ Farokhian.

While it doesn’t look like the pair will be duoing together, it’ll be interesting to see who climbs out the lower ranks first, and how high each of them peaks on the ladder.

With Korea having a reputation for its competitive solo queue experience that’s filled with mechanically gifted players, it’s definitely going to provide viewers with countless exciting streams.

Although Tyler hasn’t specified a date for the trip, he has mentioned that the Korea streams will be kicking off in late April, so there’s not very long to wait.

Tyler now has “two weeks to focus up” and prepare for the climb, which may prove to be the toughest challenge he’s faced so far.

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