Doublelift claims TSM “doesn’t care” about quality of LCS roster

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Twitch streamer and former LoL pro-player Yiliang ‘Doublelift’ Peng reacted to TSM’s LCS roster changes and revealed why he thinks the organization “doesn’t care” anymore.

Doublelift has never held back when publicly critiquing his former employer TSM.

He’s called the team “disgusting” and called out owner Reginald for his treatment of players on the LCS squad during his time there. The 28-year-old spent roughly five years attached to the organization both as a player and then as a sponsored streamer.

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Now, Doublelift once again has called out the team for it’s management of their LCS roster.

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Peng left TSM as a streamer in November 2021.

Doublelift claims people “want out” from TSM

On April 29, news broke that TSM was bringing over support Choi ‘Mia’ Sang-in from the LLA to replace Wei ‘Shenyi’ Zi-Jie in their starting line up.

Doublelift claimed the move was a positive one for the team, but said now former TSM support Shenyi got “screwed” by the transaction.

“What’s new, though? TSM and screwing over their players? That’s like f**kin’ peanut butter and jelly.”

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A viewer in his Twitch chat asked with the cash injection from the FTX sponsorship, how are they not gunning for a top-two placement. He responded, “Dude, you can tell they’re going budget, right? They went LDL players this last split. They don’t care anymore.”

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He finished with, “TSM is making some very questionable decisions, and I think that a lot of people want to get out of that org.”

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TSM missed the LCS playoffs for the first time in the history of the team in Spring 2022, a split which culminated with the firing of their head coach Peter Zhang for “serious allegations of conflict of interest.”

If Doublelift has any reliable inside sources for how the summer off-season will go for the club, there maybe be many big names on the way out.

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