T1 Challengers on win streak as Rekkles carries with ADC champs

Carver Fisher
Rekkles carries T1 on ADC champions

T1’s LCK Challengers League team has really turned things around in recent weeks, beating out some of the best teams in the league. The key? Just put Rekkles on ADC champions.

It’s become abundantly clear that leaving Senna open against Rekkles is a bad idea. T1’s LCK Challengers ADC Smash is perfectly fine with playing some unorthodox picks alongside Rekkles and letting him take over as the carry, and that strategy has paid off in spades.

With him having played Ashe, Varus and Senna so far during his time with T1, Rekkles hasn’t quite let go of the reins as the ADC despite his role swap. And, going by his win rate on ADC champs, this may be their winning formula.

Now that T1’s consistently winning matches, it seems that putting the game in Rekkles’ hands is the move for this team. But how long can that strategy last considering it hinges on him getting Senna? Can he do the same with Ashe?

Rekkles carries T1 Challengers despite role swap

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It’s worth mentioning that Rekkles has a real knack for Enchanters, and that he played that often even when he was still an ADC player in the LEC. He was known for his Janna play on the solo queue ladder for years, and he’s been earnest about wanting to take his years of experience and transfer them to the support role.

However, things haven’t gone perfectly on T1’s Challengers team. They got off to an incredibly rocky start, with it taking a long while before the team got their first win. Even if Rekkles was playing well.

And, though the team’s fortunes have turned around now, many of T1’s biggest wins in the Challengers League have been off the back of Rekkles taking matters into his own hands.

He’s currently got the highest KDA in the LCK CL despite the team’s rocky 3-5 record, and the team has currently won 2 sets in a row. Finally, they’re starting to show their potential to be a top of the table team within the League.

However, this is also a result of Rekkles playing ADCs and Enchanters often. He’s had decent showings on engage-focused tank champions, but the team clearly needs him to do some heavy lifting from the backline.

Senna is a first pick-worthy champion for this team 100% of the time, and it’s a big part of the reason why he’s got such a ludicrously high KDA so far. And, though he hasn’t played Ashe too much yet, his sole game on her went well for the team.

However, there’s some concern that Rekkles’ playstyle may ultimately stunt the team’s growth, and that Rekkles should get more practice on engage champions during the regular season.

While Lee Sin is a difficult to play champion, the skills and game plan required to make him work with Senna won’t apply to the team in any other way unless they can get their hands on both champs again. This may be winning them matches in the short term, but it remains to be seen if T1 can keep this win streak up without Rekkles running through the enemy team.

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