Tyler1 lays out his demands to Riot after reaching Challenger as mid-laner

tyler1 on twitchTwitch: Tyler1

Following the successful top-lane only unranked to Challenger, Tyler ‘Tyler1’ Steinkamp has now once again smashed it out of the park, this time achieving the Challenger in mid-lane.

After claiming that jungle was the “best role in the game played by the worst players,” Tyler1 set out on a mission to go from unranked to Challenger playing jungle only. It wasn’t easy for the ADC main, but after 1800 games, T1 completed the challenge.

It sparked a new idea for the streamer, playing his favorite game League of Legends in a way he never imagined. Specifically sticking to a role he’s never played and attempting to go from unranked to the highest rank in the game, which T1 did again with top-lane.

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This time around, Tyler1 set out to attempt the challenge playing mid-lane only, and nobody had high expectations this time around either.

tyler1-goku-cosplayInstagram: tyler1_alpha
Tyler1 has always been known for his funny and over-the-top personality and jokes.

Originally struggling to climb out the depths of Silver elo, it took Steinkamp a couple of months to complete his mid-lane unranked to Challenger quest, after embarking on it in July. T1 rounded off his challenge with 669 games, with a 57% win rate.

Of course, in classic Tyler1 fashion, he ended out with his usual over-the-top celebration, consisting of screaming and yelling, that fans have come to love him for over the years.

“What, you want me to get excited and sh*t? Do you want me to yell a bit? Do you want some screaming? Mid-diff, it’s the mammoth man b*tch, and it was easy as f**k by the way.”

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To celebrate his triumph, Tyler1 demanded that Riot change the League of Legends image on Twitch to his face for a day, or else he’ll quit the game.

Only support unranked to Challenger is left for the ADC main, as the streamer has reached challenger on four out of five roles so far, but Tyler1 revealed on stream that he isn’t looking to start his support run until next season in 2022.