Tyler1 explodes after finally beating his LoL challenge in 1741 games

Alex Tsiaoussidis
Tyler1 Top Lane LoL ChallengeRiot Games / Twitch: loltyler1

Tyler ‘Tyler1’ Steinkamp set out to hit Challenger in League of Legends Season 11 by only playing in the top lane, and after 1,741 games and a 52% win rate, he finally managed to do it. 

Tyler1 is no stranger to setting wacky and outrageous goals in League of Legends and actually pulling them off. For example, in 2020, he claimed the jungle position was the “best role in the game played by the worst players.”

To prove his point, he went all the way from unranked to the highest rank playing the role exclusively despite having no pre-existing experience. It wasn’t easy. It took him more than 1,800 games, but he did it.

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The former ADC main decided to do a similar challenge again in 2021, but this time, he wanted to embarrass top lane players instead. And again, it wasn’t easy. But after 1,741 games – almost as much as his last challenge – he pulled it off, proving once again that he can put his money where his mouth is.

Tyler1 Top Lane LoL ChallengeTwitch: loltyler1
Tyler1’s fans know that once he sets his mind to something, he’ll get it done.

On the road to Challenger, Tyler1’s most played champions were Cho’gath, Irelia, and Urgot – which isn’t surprising since they’re all considered top-tier picks. He had the most success on Cho’gath, winning 56% of his games and ending up with an impressive 2.71:1 KDA.

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However, in the final game before reaching his goal, he stood the test of time in a nail-biting 40-minute game as Urgot to get the job done. “It’s done!” he yelled while flexing his biceps.”It’s f**king done. I told you f**king p*ssies!”

Fans commended him in a Reddit thread, admitting that he’s “built differently,” and his mental fortitude is undeniably strong. Most people wouldn’t have the patience and willpower to pull through.

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However, Tyler1 has shown time and time again that he works hard and never gives up. If anything, it’s inspirational to all LoL players, regardless of their rank.

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