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How to get four months of League of Legends Twitch Prime loot

Published: 29/May/2019 9:41 Updated: 29/May/2019 10:07

by Joe O'Brien


Riot Games have teamed up with Twitch to offer four months of exclusive League of Legends loot to Twitch Prime members.

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Twitch Prime is offering four League of Legends loot capsules over the course of four months: a Rift Herald’s Capsule, a Red Buff’s Capsule, a Blue Buff’s Capsule, and a Baron’s Capsule.

Each of the first three capsules contains two random Skin Shards, one random Legendary Skin Shard, and an exclusive Emote. The Baron’s Capsule contains a random Permanent Legendary Skin, as well as one random Skin Shard and an exclusive Emote.


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Skin Shards can be either upgraded to a permanent champion skin, or disenchanted into Orange Essence. Regular Skin Shards disenchant for 195 Essence and cost 675 Essence to upgrade, while Legendary Skin Shards reward 364 Essence but cost 1520 to upgrade.

The Rift Herald Capsule must be claimed directly, but once you’ve claimed the first, the other three will automatically be gifted to you in 30-day intervals from the date of the original claim, so long as you remain a Twitch Prime member and your game account remains linked.

Twitch Prime members have until August 28 to claim their first capsule.


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The loot offered by the Twitch Prime League of Legends deal.

How to claim Twitch Prime loot

In order to claim the loot, players must have Twitch Prime – which comes as part of an Amazon Prime subscription – and link their League of Legends account to their Twitch account.

The loot can be accessed by going to the Twitch Prime site, or via link in the League of Legends client. The site will prompt you through the account linking process if you haven’t already linked your League of Legends account.

Those that don’t have Twitch Prime and don’t intend to still have an opportunity to get some loot, as Amazon Prime offers a one-month free trial to new members. Assuming you haven’t already used the trial, you can use this to claim the first capsule.


Unfortunately, the subsequent Capsules require that the Twitch Prime account remain active, so you won’t be able to receive all of them without paying.