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Upcoming League of Legends champion possibly leaked ahead of official announcement

Published: 28/May/2019 23:33 Updated: 29/May/2019 0:20

by Alan Bernal


Popular Twitch streamer Joedat ‘VoyBoy’ Esfahani might have accidentally leaked the first signs for a new champion to come in League of Legends during his time with the Riot Games playtest team.

The Mordekaiser rework will be dropping soon, and the League of Legends developers invited notable players and content creators to test out the changes to the Iron Revenant, giving some people a behind-the-scenes look at what Riot has been cooking up.


After playtesting was through, VoyBoy released a video on May 28 that could have given the League of Legends community an idea of what to expect in the near future as it relates to the next combatant to the Rift.

VoyBoy YouTubeThe leftmost blank selection tile on the third row appears to have a new name “Aphelios.”

While VoyBoy was kicking off his latest video showing off the reworked Mordekaiser there was a split second showing the champion select screen that the Riot devs are using for their playtests.


Even though there were numerous suspect champion squares riddled on his screen, like two options for Aurelion Sol, one in particular stood out for many players seeing as it was the only selection with a name not seen before.

Nestled between Annie and Ashe in Champ Select, a blank square with the name “Aphelios” has been throwing players in a loop. Some people in the community are predicting that the name is in reference to Riot’s next character or even the “non-traditional marksman” planned for late 2019.

[Timestamp at 0:14 for mobile viewers]


League of Legends leaked champion Aphelios

In their latest Champion Roadmap, the devs teased their next character would be a solo lane AD assassin who will send players “deep into the jungles of Runeterra where a brand new faction, hidden from the rest of the world, will reveal itself.”

While the name could hint to the assassin champ another working theory could be pointing to the next ADC for the game. Reddit user ‘Black_Dynamite66’ might be on to something as they looked up the meaning of the word that Aphelios seems to be derived from.

Riot GamesRiot Games was real quiet when they teased their next ADC, which players think could be related to the leak.

“So the definition of Aphelion is ‘the point in the orbit of a planet, asteroid, or comet at which it is furthest from the sun,’” Black_Dynamite66 said. “Aphelion relates to darkness in a sort of a sense, and the new ADC was teased with this gif, which is definitely a dark / darkness themed ability.”


While there isn’t anything more concrete as of the time of writing, players are already hyped for what the next champion could bring to League of Legends.


Hashinshin claims FBI cleared him of sexual harassment allegations

Published: 8/Oct/2020 4:00

by Andrew Amos


Popular League of Legends streamer Robert ‘Hashinshin’ Brotz has claimed the FBI investigated him over allegations he was sexually harassing minors, and cleared him of any wrongdoing. He was permanently banned on Twitch over the claims.

Hashinshin was ostracized from the League of Legends community back in July, after claims the 30-year-old Twitch streamer sexually harassed underage girls by abusing his platform of power.


Other popular content creators, like Joedat ‘Voyboy’ Esfahani, stated that “Hashinshin is a manipular, predator, and worst of all [a] pedophile who used his platform to abuse so many underage girls over the years.”

However, the disgraced streamer has claimed he was investigated by the FBI and cleared of all wrongdoing.


“There has been an FBI investigation into me, and I have neither been jailed or charged with a crime. Some of you might not believe that. I have a freedom of information request [to prove my innocence publicly], but that can take up to a year,” Brotz said in a October 7 statement.

Numerous women came forward stories in July of Hashinshin grooming them while they were underage. However, Hashinshin has always maintained his innocence, claiming these stories were false, and that many of those who came forward have since deleted their statements.

He also stated that he was potentially looking into suing some of the alleged victims for defamation, stating they did a “public assessment of [his] character” that distorted what people thought of him.


“I was going to sue Alli for defamation ⁠— and I probably should have ⁠— but Alli is not a victim, and people started getting these really distorted views on what was happening,” he said, referring to one of the victims.

“Things aren’t as they seem, regardless of what they seem. I’m not a rich and powerful figure. They didn’t find that I did anything. I think a lot of this was a public assessment of my character, and a lot of people did this because they didn’t like me.

“I’ve been working on bettering myself over the last two years, and I think I’ve become a better person overall. It hurts a lot…to see all these people denying that.”


Brotz claimed that while he believed his accusers weren’t “all terrible people,” they betrayed his trust. He also said that while he believes they should apologize, he hopes no one in the community attacks them. He just wants to “go back to living a normal life.”

“I thought these were nice people, I thought I could trust them and work with them. That’s why my response to this was all sh*tty because I shouldn’t really have trusted anyone. I don’t think they’re all terrible people, but things really escalated,” he said.


“I don’t want anyone to attack them. I just want to go back to living a normal life. I just want to exist peacefully, and I hope people can start letting me do that. I hope this can change their minds in some way.”

Hashinshin remains permanently banned on Twitch despite his attempts to clear this name. He has also lost his Twitch partnership, and has instead moved to streaming on YouTube.