TSM’s team car broken into and ransacked during LCS matches

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During the LCS matches on Friday, February 17, someone broke into one of TSM’s team cars and stole their money, equipment, and some irreplaceable personal belongings.

TSM, for the most part, had a good week in the LCS. They’re currently 5-4 in the standings and are the only team so far that’s managed to take down FlyQuest. They’ve got a much higher standing in the LCS than most fans expected, and have certainly held their own against the other teams.

However, the TSM members noticed that one of their team’s car had been broken into while they were playing their games on Friday, the last day of the super week.

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They had money, peripherals, and personal belongings inside that were all missing. Fortunately, a fan found some of their belongings in a nearby parking lot, but only a portion of what was stolen has been recovered.

TSM fan finds players’ belongings in nearby parking lot

After TSM’s last match of the week against Dignitas, they went out to their team car only to realize it had been broken into.

While they weren’t too worried about the money and equipment that had been taken, they at least wanted their personal belongings back.

There weren’t really any leads to go off of for TSM’s players, and they were just hoping they’d have a way to get back personal items that couldn’t be replaced.

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Fortunately, a fan by the name of Mustafa found their backpacks in a parking lot near the LCS stadium. He got in contact with some of TSM’s members and returned what he could find of their stolen possessions.

While they still lost some of what was in the car, it appears that most of the irreplaceable items have been returned to the players.