Gen.G star ADC Peyz shatters all-time kill record at MSI 2024 Finals

Carver Fisher

Gen.G ADC Peyz was one of the hottest prospects in pro LoL last year, and the past year and a half with the team has clearly paid off. Not only did he set an all-time MSI record, he beat the all time kill record in any tier 1 League. By a lot.

This comes after I asked Gumayusi about the ADC role at MSI 2024, with him saying that hard carry, late game hyperscalers aren’t all that viable in the current meta. And, to be fair to Guma, Peyz didn’t do this on a typical late game ADC; he did this on Kalista.

Despite Kalista often having issues with getting zoned and focused in the late game, the way Peyz played and Gen.G played around him put this ADC star in a position to make history.

Of course he ended the game with a penta, too.

The previous international all-time kill record was 19, set by Uzi on RNG with Kog’Maw against Fnatic at Worlds 2017. Meanwhile, the previous all-time kill record in a tier 1 tournament was set by Space on CJ Entus Frost in the LCK all the way back in 2013.

Peyz, meanwhile, set a new all-time kill record with 28 kills in a single match, completely shattering previous records outside of minor leagues. This is in large part thanks to Lehends landing a ton of Blitzcrank hooks and both his top laner and jungler being on frontline champions that can make space for him.

As a result, Peyz was set up for success here. And he’s just one component of what is likely the best team in the world right now. Chovy’s dominated domestically for the past few years, Canyon has a history of strong international performance and a world title, and Lehends is one of the most tenured players in the world, with his guidance and wisdom undoubtedly helping Peyz develop.

As for Kiin? There’s a chance he’s the best top laner in the world right now, and that he has been for years despite missing most internationals.

A short time after this record was set, Gen.G took the series 3-1 and won it all at MSI 2024.

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