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The strongest champions in League patch 10.12

Published: 10/Jun/2020 16:07

by James Busby


League of Legends patch 10.12 patch has finally hit the Rift, bringing with it a host of exciting changes, much needed nerfs, meta-shaking buffs, and plenty of bugfixes. 

Just like every new League of Legends patch, the latest 10.12 update has shaken up the current champion meta. While there are a few familiar faces still lurking around the top place positions, there have been a number of changes that have seen the previous 10.11 kings dethroned. 

There have even been rumblings in the jungle as both the Infernal and Cloud elemental terrains have been changed, creating more opportunities for savvy players to hunt down or escape from their foes. Of course, these terrain changes won’t mean anything if you’re not equipping yourself with the strongest LoL champs, so make sure you check out our guide below to find out who you should be using in patch 10.12. 

Top-lane: Darius

Riot GamesDarius continues to dominate top-lane opponents with his mighty axe.

The Hand of Noxus continues to swing his deadly axe around in top-lane, cutting down anyone that dares to stand in his way. Darius’ high damage plays and overall survivability make for a truly lethal combination, especially in late-game team fights where he can use his overall bulk to rush into the backline and instantly kill squishy carries with crushing blows from his ultimate, Noxian Guillotine. Items like Sterak’s Gage, Dead Man’s Plate, Spirit Visage, and Black Cleaver keep the Noxian commander from faltering against even the toughest of lane opponents. 

To make matters even better, champion takedowns now extend Ghost’s movement speed duration by 4-7 seconds, giving Darius even more opportunities to rush into the thick of a fight. There a reason why this top-lane terror has a 51.08% win rate and a dizzying 41.56% ban rate on the Korean server, so make sure you prioritize your picks/bans around this lethal champion if you wish to avoid succumbing to his bloodied blows. 

Other strong picks: Maokai, Fiora, Wukong, Garen

Jungle: Graves

Riot GamesGraves is certainly no stranger to the jungle meta.

Graves is no stranger to the meta spotlight and Riot’s resident outlaw has managed to steal the crown in patch 10.12. Equipped with his trusty double-barrel shotgun and a never-ending supply of lethal rounds, Graves is one jungler you don’t want to be messing with.

Despite receiving a nerf to his Q (AD ratio reduced to 80% from 100%.), Graves is still going to strong. The ranged nature of Graves’ kit allows the Outlaw to effortlessly kite jungle camps and gank friendly allies, while the slow/reduced vision from Smoke Screen and dash/basic attack reset from Quickdraw create plenty of kill opportunities. 

Having a jungler that can carry games will not only net you plenty of champion takedowns, it will also drastically increase your ranked win rate. After all, solo queue can be a mixed bag of skill levels, so having a champion that you can rely on during particularly close matches is always going to be important.

As of writing, Graves is currently enjoying a 15.03% pick rate and 50.34% win rate, making him a popular pick for those wishing to level up their jungle play. 

Other strong picks: Rek’Sai, Elise, Zac, Ekko

Mid-lane: Yasuo

Riot GamesDespite the recent nerfs, Yasuo is still going strong in patch 10.12.

Yasuo is a champion that you either love or hate – in fact, the Unforgiven has always divided the LoL community, but even if you despise this dukey champion, there no denying how strong he is. This master swordsman conjures the air itself, using it to both unleash a whirlwind of devastating attacks and block incoming damage.

Riot’s 10.12 patch may have reduced Yasuo’s base health from 523 to 490 and increased Windwall’s cooldown, but his passive’s shield has seen a decent increase (115 − 525 based on level). As a result, Yasuo can now withstand a considerable amount of poke when going for those early trades. 

Having a mid-laner that can capitalize on your team’s various knock-ups and engages is absolutely massive, especially when there are so many carry threats roaming around the Rift. Yasuo is effective across all ranks and is a great pick for those looking to really make an impact in mid-lane. 

Other strong picks: Talon, Fizz, Cassiopeia, Kassadin

Bot-lane: Ezreal

Riot GamesThe influx of bot-lane mage and assassin champions have only increased Ezreal’s play rate.

The increased popularity of assassins and high burst mages being picked in bot-lane has made it rather tricky for traditional AD carries to thrive. While patch 10.11’s ADC buff did help alleviate this problem, many players still find it difficult to trade with the likes of Cassiopeia, Ziggs and Yasuo.

As a result, carry champions like Ezreal have proven incredibly popular amongst marksman mains. Not only does the Prodigal Explorer have great poke with his Mystic Shot and Essence Flux, he’s also incredibly safe thanks to the blink he receives from Arcane Shift.

Being able to safely barrage enemies from afar and disengage/engage fights with Arcane Shift is huge, particularly when you’re facing off against any pesky mid-lane champions. Ezreal’s increased popularity has led to him receiving a massive 49.24% pick rate on the Korean server, making him the most played champion in the current meta. Make sure you add the Prodigal Explorer to your champion pool before you go searching for that all-important victory. 

Other strong picks: Caitlyn, Varus, Vayne, Draven

Support: Yuumi

Riot GamesThis feisty feline is one of the most powerful supports in the current meta.

This adorably cute cat is the purrfect addition to any team comp that’s looking to win those all-important team fights. Yuumi is one of the most unique champions in League of Legends and while her kit may seem deceptively simple, it requires a fair amount of time to master.

Unlike most champions, Yuumi can attach herself to an allied champion, giving them increased damage to either their attack damage or ability power. During this state, the fearsome feline can poke her opponents down with long-range Prowling Projectiles, heal her companion with Zoomies, and stun multiple enemies with her ultimate. 

Yuumi can still use all her abilities when she’s detached, but their overall effectiveness greatly decreases – instead, look for opportunities where you can switch between your teammates. Not only will this allow you to save numerous allies from the brink of death, it will also give them an edge in close 1v1 brawls and team fights. Yuumi’s win rate (50.68%) and pick rate (17.79%) are both incredibly high at the moment, but this could likely change if Riot decides to use their nerf gun in the coming months. 

Other strong picks: Leona, Bard, Blitzcrank, Thresh

League of Legends

League patch 10.24 to nerf Samira, Eclipse, buff Kraken Slayer, more

Published: 18/Nov/2020 5:23 Updated: 18/Nov/2020 5:24

by Isaac McIntyre


Riot Games has confirmed the first update of Season 11, League of Legends preseason patch 10.24, is coming at the end of this PBE cycle, and will be headlined by a host of buffs & nerfs for the new Mythic items. Here’s all the early notes for the Nov. 25 update.

The next League of Legends update is expected to be “pretty big,” the LoL balance team has warned, as Riot Games looks to deal with the fallout of the massive Season 11 item overhaul.

A number of the new Mythic items, including Eclipse, Kraken Slayer, Liandry’s Anguish, and plenty more are in the firing line. There’s a few champions being tweaked too, including new release Samira, Tryndamere, and Kayle.

Here’s all the details on League of Legends Patch 10.24, coming next fortnight.

Riot rush out Mythic item changes

LoL patch 10.24’s headline change comes in the item section. Mythics have dominated the early stages of Season 11 ⁠— no surprise there, considering they’re extremely new.

What Riot didn’t plan on, however, is how strong some of the single-slot picks would be when released into Summoner’s Rift. This includes Eclipse, the lethality mythic, as well as Liandry’s Anguish, and a host of other top-class full build items.

These Mythic nerfs will also be paired with a handful of buffs to boost Season 11’s underperforming items. Tear of the Goddess and Kraken Slayer lead the buffs, while ADC items like Essence Reaver and Phantom Dancer are also included.

Samira is one of a handful of champions being nerfed in patch 10.24.
Riot Games
Samira is one of a handful of champions being nerfed in patch 10.24.

“Statistically, Kraken [Slayer] has been underperforming compared to the other two [Galeforce and Shieldbow] so giving it a boost should help it a bit,” Riot dev Ray Williams said on Reddit soon after the patch 10.24 changes were revealed.

He also confirmed Eclipse’s “proc frequency” would be the main target of the Mythic item’s patch 10.24 nerfs.

“It’s the highest win rate on most users, and it’s the most broad [pick] for Assassins, Fighters, and Marksmen,” he said, “so it’s gotta give power somewhere.”

Eclipse has turned AD carries -- assassins and marksman -- into deadly burst champions.
Riot Games
Eclipse has turned AD carries  assassins and marksman  into deadly burst champions.

Season 11 item icons reworked

As well as the balance changes coming for a host of the League of Legends mythics, Riot is also shipping minor changes to some of the Season 11 item icons.

The LoL community has been quite vocal about how “poor” many of the icons have been since release. Some have dubbed them “impossible to understand,” while others have just demanded the League item icons be reverted entirely.

Riot Games won’t be going that far, but they are tweaking them slightly to “improve icon clarity, icon differentiation, [and] rendering polish” in Season 11 preseason.

New “Cosmic” skins coming in patch 10.24

The next League of Legends skin line, “Cosmic,” will be coming in LoL patch 10.24. Nine champions are in line for the new variant cosmetics, including oft-forgotten characters like Illaoi, Vladimir, and crystal jungler Skarner.

Here’s the full list of new ‘Cosmic’ skins:

  • Anivia (Flight)
  • Illaoi (Invoker)
  • Nami (Destiny)
  • Nidalee (Huntress)
  • Hecarim (Charger)
  • Varus (Hunter)
  • Vladimir (Devourer)
  • Skarner (Sting)
  • Dark Cosmic Lissandra

All nine Cosmic skins, including the ‘dark’ Lissandra version, will be available for 1350 RP in the next patch. They will be released alongside the new “Prestige Star Guardian Soraka” skin, which can only be unlocked with prestige points.

League of Legends Patch 10.24 will drop on Wednesday, November 25. Dexerto will continue to add all planned balance changes as Riot reveals specific numbers.

League of Legends patch 10.24 early notes



  • W base damage 5-15 ⇒ 4-12; ability power ratio 0.5 ⇒ 0.25% max health per 100 ability power.



  • Passive attack damage from movement speed 15-30% ⇒ 12-24%.
  • E movement speed 25-85% ⇒ 25-75%.


  • Passive attack speed per 100 ability power 10% ⇒ 5%.


  • Passive melee bonus 2-19 (+10% base attack damage) ⇒ 2-19 (+7.5% base attack damage); dash range for immobilized enemies 800-1000 ⇒ 650-900.


  • Q passive attack damage 5-25 ⇒ 10-30; attack damage per 1% missing health 0.15-0.35 ⇒ 0.15-0.55. 


  • W has new passive: “Detonating Blight on champions and epic monsters reduces his basic abilities cooldowns by 12% of their maximum per stack.”
  • R missile speed lowered from 1950 to 1500.


AP Jungle

  • Healing no longer reduced from area of effect abilities against monsters.
  • Healing 12% ⇒ 10%.

Blade of the Ruined King

  • Cost 3100 ⇒ 3200.
  • Attack speed 30% ⇒ 20%.

Cosmic Drive

  • Ability power 70 ⇒ 75.

Demonic Embrace

  • DoT damage 1.5% ⇒ 1.25% max health per second.


  • Cooldown 6 seconds ⇒ 8 seconds.

Essence Reaver

  • Attack damage 40 ⇒ 50.

Hextech Rocketbelt

  • Base rocket damage 200-300 ⇒ 175-250.
  • Movement speed boost 75% ⇒ 50%.

Kraken Slayer

  • Attack damage 60 ⇒ 65.
  • Proc damage 60 (+0.3 base attack damage) ⇒ 60 (+0.45 base attack damage).

Liandry’s Anguish

  • DoT damage 15 (+2.5% ability power) (+1% target health) ⇒ 15 (1.5 ability power) (+1% target health).

Lich Bane

  • Spellblade ability power ratio 50 ⇒ 40%.

Ludens Tempest

  • Damage 100 (+15% ability power) ⇒ 100 (+10% ability power).

Moonstone Renewer

  • Base healing 30-60 ⇒ 60-90.
  • Healing amplifier 0-150% ⇒ 0-100% over 4 seconds (max heal 75-150 ⇒ 120-180).

Nashors Tooth

  • On hit ratio 25% ⇒ 20% ability power.

Night Harvester

  • Damage proc base 175-250 ⇒ 125-200.

Phantom Dancer

  • Cost 2900 ⇒ 2700.
  • Buff duration 2 ⇒ 3 seconds.

Prowlers Claw

  • Attack damage 55 ⇒ 60.


  • Damage amp 3% per second (max 15) ⇒ 2% per second (max 10).

Serpent’s Fang

  • Shield Reaver 50 (+40% base attack damage) ⇒ 70 (+40% base attack damage).

Tear of the Goddess

  • Base mana 150 ⇒ 240.
  • Max mana from stacks: 450 ⇒ 360.