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Could Pool Party 2020 be the next League of Legends event?

Published: 10/Jun/2020 4:12 Updated: 10/Jun/2020 4:14

by Andrew Amos


Summer’s here, and that means a new set of Pool Party skins for League of Legends. However, could an event also be on its way? While nothing is confirmed yet, all fingers point towards a big in-game event coming soon.

New content always brings hype to League of Legends. Players have gotten accustomed to the almost monthly events, new skins every patch, and the odd champion here or there.

However, with Pool Party around the corner, we might be getting an event on a scale like no other. While nothing is confirmed yet, the imminent release of two new champions, five new Pool Party skins, and a perfectly timed date in the calendar has gotten hopes high.


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New Pool Party skins for Heimerdinger, Jarvan IV, Orianna, Syndra, Taliyah

Riot have shown off five new Pool Party skins on Patch 10.13. Heimerdinger, Jarvan IV, Orianna, Syndra, and Taliyah are all set to get skins in the line. 22 of the game’s 148 champions now have a cosmetic in the popular line.

Riot Games
Syndra, Heimerdinger, and Jarvan IV (L-R) are all getting Pool Party skins in Patch 10.13.

While the Pool Party skins are a yearly occurrence, a Pool Party event is not. There was a “Team Up & Pool Party” event in 2015 which gave players bonus IP and icons, but since then, it’s been a purely standalone thing.

2020 could be different though. Riot have been talking up a massive summer event, and what better opportunity to do so than with five new skins. Pulsefire 2020 is wrapping up on June 15, before the Pool Party skins go live on Patch 10.13, so the timing is just right.


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Two new champions being released in “summer event”

On top of the skin releases, players are expecting two champions to be revealed just around the corner. Both a masked assassin and a dreamy new jungler are on their way in a summer event in July.

Riot Games
Riot has been teasing these two new champions for months.

This was further teased in the latest champion roadmap, where we got the first look at the jungler, although it was only a slight glimpse. The July timing does indicate that the Pool Party skins might come a bit early, but Riot has released event content halfway through before.

Combining Pool Party with these champion releases sounds like the perfect opportunity to generate a ton of hype around League. Recent events have been a massive success, and building on that with champion releases will only please the community.


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If Pool Party isn’t the event though, Riot must have something cooking up. One thing is for sure ⁠— the next in-game event is just around the corner, and it’s set to be massive.

You still have a few days to grind out Pulsefire 2020, the current active event. You can earn tokens up until June 15, so mount your final push if you want to grab that Prestige Lucian.