TFT patch 12.15 notes: Pool Party little legends, Nami nerfs, Trainer buffs

Riot Games

With a slate of buffs across the board, TFT Patch 12.15 is bringing the power to Nomsy, the trusted companion of the Trainer trait. It also sees another installment in the Nami nerfs that have been a consistent fixture throughout Dragonlands, and changes to Ornn items.

The patch-within-a-patch that was TFT Patch 12.14b saw the removal of one of the most powerful strategies in the game, the much-hated Astral toggle.

And now that Astral toggle is gone, and some of the more powerful dragons have been nerfed, Riot are looking to inject some power back into other aspects of the game. Xayah has received her first buff of the set, along with some significant buffs to Nomsy, everyone’s favorite fire-breathing toad.

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Here’s what you need to know about TFT Patch 12.15.

What’s changed in TFT patch 12.14b?

Trainer buffs as Nomsy becomes star of the show

Riot Games
Heimerdinger’s trusty pet Nomsy will receive buffs in patch 12.15 to bring Dragon Trainer up to par with other traits.

As one of the less-popular traits so far in Dragonlands, Trainer has very much flown under the radar when it comes to balance team attention.

But no longer. Nomsy, the fire-breathing creature summoned by activating the Trainer trait, has received substantial buffs in TFT Patch 12.15, making her a real late-game force to be reckoned with. The buffs come in exchange for a slight decrease in her early game power, but the payoff gives her an extra 125 damage on her fireball at trainer 3.

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Nothing to be sniffed at.

A wild Pool Party little legend appears

Riot Games
Pool Party Ao Shin will be available through Pool Party eggs.

It’s summertime. The sun is shining, the bees are buzzing, and it’s time for a good old-fashioned pool party. But even if you’d rather spend your summer days grinding to Diamond, you can celebrate the season with a new set of Pool Party little legends that will drop alongside TFT Patch 12.15.

Umbra will get five new Pool Party variants, available in the client, which can either be purchased directly or as a random Pool Party egg. The eggs can also drop a rare Pool Party Ao Shin variant, complete with its very own life jacket to stay safe in the sun.

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You can find the full TFT Patch 12.15 notes below, courtesy of Riot.

TFT Patch 12.15 notes


Tier 1


  • Mystic Shot Damage: 175/225/300 ⇒ 200/250/325


  • Attack Damage: 55 ⇒ 50
  • Last Embrace base magic Damage: 275/425/600 ⇒ 300/500/700


  • Sett Knuckle Down Attack Damage ratio: 170% ⇒ 160%


  • Inner Flame Damage: 220/300/380 ⇒ 210/280/350
  • If Karma’s target dies while Inner Flame is in the air, the projectile will now explode where the target died

Tier 2


  • Volley Damage: 125/175/225 ⇒ 125/175/250


  • Health: 700 ⇒ 750
  • Attack Damage: 55 ⇒ 60


  • Ebb and Flow Healing: 175/200/225 ⇒ 170/190/210


  • Volley Damage: 125/175/225 ⇒ 125/175/250

Tier 3

Lee Sin:

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  • Attack Speed: 0.7 >>> 0.75
  • Dragon’s Rage Damage: 280/360/480 >>> 295/375/495

Tier 4


  • Windblast wave Damage: 300/400/1800 ⇒ 275/375/1800


  • Big One Attack Damage ratio: 160/200/350% ⇒ 155/185/400%

Shi Oh Yu:

  • Jade Form Attack Damage ratio: 265/290/1000% ⇒  250/275/1000%


  • Shadow Assault target Stab base magic Damage: 120/200/700 ⇒ 120/200/1200


  • Health: 700 ⇒ 750
  • Attack Speed: 0.7 ⇒ 0.75

Tier 5

Ao Shin:

  • Lightning Rain Damage: 210/400/2500 ⇒ 225/400/2500


  • Death From Below Execute max Health Threshold: 25/33/100% ⇒ 25/33/1%
  • Death From Below primary target Damage: 325/450/5000 ⇒ 325/450/15000
  • Death From Below secondary target(s) Damage: 150/250/5000 ⇒ 150/250/15000


  • Flame Breath now always targets the largest clump
  • Starting Mana nerf: 30/60 ⇒ 0/60

Yasuo :

  • Now invulnerable when performing his execute animation


Ornn items:

  • Eternal Winter Attack Speed Slow: 30% ⇒ 20%
  • Rocket Propelled Fist Health: 400 ⇒ 350

Gargoyle Stoneplate:

  • Armor & Magic Resistance per enemy targeting holder: 18 ⇒ 16


Eye of the storm:

  • Bonus Ability Power for unit at the center of the board: 40 ⇒ 45
  • Bonus Ability Power post lightning strike Ability Power: 120 ⇒ 135

Intercosmic Gifts:

  • Orb chance to spawn a second Orb: 50% ⇒ 100%
  • Orb drop location shifted slightly higher to make it more noticeable

Stand United:

  • Attack Damage per active Trait: 2/3/4 ⇒ 1/2/3



  • Bonus Armor & Magic Resistance: 35/65/95/125 ⇒ 35/60/85/110


  • Needlessly Big Gem living units needed per 1 gold: 3 ⇒ 2
  • Mogul’s Mail Health per stack: 5 ⇒ 8


  • Trainer 3 Nomsy Damage increase: +100% ⇒ +200%
  • Trainer Nomsy Fireball Damage: 100/130/160/200 ⇒ 85/110/140/175
  • Trainer 3 Nomsy’s Fireball Damage: 200/260/320/400 ⇒ 255/330/420/525

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