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TFT Galaxies Battle Pass II: cost, tiers, rewards, more

Published: 11/Jun/2020 5:35

by Andrew Amos


The Teamfight Tactics (TFT) Galaxies mid-set update has arrived, and with it comes a new Battle Pass. The “Return of the Stars” Battle Pass II has arrived, with plenty more rewards for TFT players to grind for.

The mid-set update for Teamfight Tactics shook up the Set 3 meta as we know it. 14 new champions and three new traits were added, nine champions were removed, ranked was reset, and a host of other balance changes were made.

A new battle pass was also added, giving players access to rewards just by playing TFT. Is the Galaxies Battle Pass II worth playing ⁠— and paying ⁠— for though? Let’s break it down.


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How much does the TFT Galaxies Battle Pass II cost?

There are two tracks for the new TFT Galaxies pass, the free track and the Pass+ track. The free track is, well, free. There’s no strings attached, but you can only access limited awards through playing the free track.

The Pass+ costs 1295RP, which will set you back around $10 USD. If you purchase the pack on mobile, the cost will be adjusted based on region. For its price tag though, it’s worth it. You get access to new boards, booms, Little Legends, and more that pay back the cost.

If you decide to upgrade your pass later on, you will be given all the rewards you would have unlocked previously. So, if you don’t want to pick up the Pass+ until you’ve gotten a fair way into it, feel free to buy it near the end of the event.


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If you buy the TFT Galaxies Pass on mobile or PC, it’ll apply to both platforms. If you play on the same account across multiple devices, you don’t need to buy it twice.

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How many tiers are there in the TFT Galaxies Battle Pass II?

There are 33 tiers to progress through in the TFT Galaxies Battle Pass II. It works in a similar fashion to the battle pass that launched with the arrival of Set 3 back in March.

You earn experience by playing games, getting more XP the better you place in-game. With this experience, you progress through the pass, unlocking rewards along the way. You can also complete missions to fast-track your progress.

The free pass will give you access to 10 tiers of rewards, while the Pass+ will have rewards for every tier. You’ll also get a few extra goodies just by buying the premium pass too.


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You will get goodies, like the Star Guardian Sprite, just by buying the Pass+.

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What rewards are on offer in the TFT Galaxies Battle Pass II?

The Galaxies Battle Pass offers TFT players a wide variety of cosmetics they can equip to style on their opponents. From new Little Legends, to extravagant booms to decimate your enemy, you can really take your TFT experience to the next level.

None of the rewards will affect your gameplay though. You can’t get any rewards that’ll somehow make your character stronger, so you don’t need to worrying about paying to win.

You can find the full list of rewards, and when you earn them, below:

Level XP required Reward Track
0 0 Star Guardian Sprite Pass+
1 100 Random Emote Free
2 200 Star Piercer Boom I Pass+
3 300 Random Emote Free
4 700 Immortal Creatures Egg Pass+
5 1,100 Star Piercer Boom II Pass+
6 1,500 Burn Bright Starlight Boom I Pass+
7 2,000 Random Emote Free
8 2,700 Star Guardian Silverwing I Pass+
9 3,300 Star Piercer Boom III Pass+
10 3,900 Random Emote Free
11 4,500 Little Legend Egg (Series 1-5) Pass+
12 5,100 Super Mega Death Rock Boom I Pass+
13 5,700 Little Legend Egg (Series 1-5) Free
14 6,300 Void Spikes Boom I Pass+
15 6,900 Super Mega Death Rock Boom II Pass+
16 7,500 Random Emote Free
17 8,100 Spaceship Arena Pass+
18 8,700 Burn Bright Starlight Boom II Pass+
19 9,300 Dreadnova Arena Free
20 9,900 Void Spikes Boom II Pass+
21 10,500 Little Legend Egg (Series 1-5) Pass+
22 11,100 Stop That! Emote Free
23 11.700 Super Mega Death Rock Boom III Pass+
24 12,300 Void Spikes Boom III Pass+
25 12,900 Immortal Creatures Egg Pass+
26 13,600 Little Legend Egg (Series 1-5) Free
27 14,300 Burn Bright Starlight Boom III Pass+
28 15,000 Star Guardian Silverwing II Pass+
29 16,500 Little Legend Egg (Series 1-5) Free
30 18,500 Little Legend Egg (Series 1-5) Pass+
31 21,000 Immortal Creatures Egg Pass+
32 23,500 Immortal Creatures Egg Pass+
33 26,000 Legendary Little Legend Egg (Series 1-6) Pass+

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When does the TFT Galaxies Battle Pass II expire?

The TFT Galaxies Battle Pass II launched on June 10 with the arrival of Patch 10.12, and will be active until the end of Set 3.


The event is currently tabled to end on September 16, which is the expected launch date for Patch 10.19. This means we can also expect TFT Set 4 to arrive then as well.