TFT Galaxies battle pass now live: missions, rewards, cost, more

Riot Games

Teamfight Tactics Set 3, titled Galaxies, has hit live servers with the release of League Patch 10.6. To celebrate the new set, Riot has launched a battle pass, chock-full with rewards, and we’ve got everything you need to know.

Teamfight Tactics: Galaxies has finally been released after a few weeks of testing on the Public Beta Environment (PBE). With 50 new champions, a whole new set mechanic in Galaxies, and more, set 3 is bound to be the game’s most exciting yet.

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If you want to jump in on the action early, you’ll also have the chance to land some sweet rewards in the TFT Galaxies battle pass.

We’ve got everything you need to know about it, from new missions and the rewards you can get, to how much the premium track will set you back.

Riot Games
TFT Galaxies is finally here, so be ready to take advantage of the battle pass that comes with it.

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What is the TFT Galaxies battle pass?

The TFT Galaxies battle pass was released in conjunction with the new set, Teamfight Tactics: Galaxies.

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A host of new champions have joined the autobattler, along with a new unique Galaxy mechanic that adds a bit of variety to every game.

It gives players a chance to earn some of the new in-game content for free, or at a reduced price if you buy the battle pass, such as Little Legends, Arenas, emotes, and the new ‘booms,’ which add a bit of flair to your end-of-round damage.

Riot Games
The TFT Galaxies pass has a ton of goodies for players to get stuck into.

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What missions are included in the TFT Galaxies battle pass?

Obviously, to earn the rewards, you have to play missions. All of the missions relate to the new content released, and can be pretty easily earned if you try out different variations of the new champions, traits, and classes to choose from.

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There’s also basic missions, like eliminating a certain number of players, or getting a certain amount of gold.

You can find a full list of missions that we know of below. We will update this list as more missions become available.

Name Mission Reward Expiry
Elimination Eliminate eight enemy players 200 Galaxies Pass XP March 26
Piles of Gold Earn 2,000 gold 200 Galaxies Pass XP March 26
Star Guardians! Activate six Star Guardian or six Chrono 200 Galaxies Pass XP March 26

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What rewards are on offer in the TFT Galaxies battle pass?

There are 10 rewards on offer for players in the free TFT Galaxies battle pass. You can pick up the ‘Is that a threat?!’ emote from level two, before getting various other emotes at levels four, seven, 10, 13, and 16.

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Players will earn access to the Crash Site Arena at level 19, and the Pit Stop Arena at level 22. Finally, you can also earn two Little Legends Series 1-5 eggs at levels 26 and 30.

If you want access to the rest of the rewards, including more past level 30, you’ll have to buy the Premium Pass+ for TFT Galaxies.

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How much does the TFT Galaxies battle pass cost?

There are two battle passes players can pick up for TFT Galaxies. The regular pass is free, and contains those 10 levels worth of rewards. However, if you see yourself blazing through those, you should look at picking up the Pass+.

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The Pass+ will set you back 1295 RP (around $10 USD), but give you a lot more rewards if you play a lot of Teamfight Tactics.

You will get a time-limited UFO Sprite at purchase, and access to seven Little Legend eggs, the Drifting Park Arena Skin, and four booms as rewards before level 30, and more afterwards.

Riot Games
The TFT Galaxies Pass+ will set you back around $10, but it’s worth the cost if you play a lot.

When will the TFT Galaxies battle pass expire?

You will have until June 9 to earn progress on the TFT Galaxies pass. After that point, you will get to keep all your rewards, but the missions will expire and you’ll no longer get any new rewards.

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