TFT patch 11.13 notes: Yasuo & Nidalee carry nerfed, Skirmisher buffs

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TFT patch 11.13 Soraka

TFT patch 11.13 is here, and Riot’s game plan seems to be tuning the new “Chase” traits. Renewer and Skirmisher find themselves in the patch notes, as well as more nerfs to Katarina, Soraka, Nidalee, Yasuo, and more.

It’s hard to think about, but we’re almost halfway through TFT Reckoning ⁠— at least, halfway towards the mid-set update. The meta has settled down, everyone is getting a grip of the new mechanics, and now eyes are looking towards the overhaul in a few patches.

However, before then, Riot is still fine-tuning the live game.

After dealing with Skirmishers and Riven carry, now Renewers are in the developer’s sights for TFT patch 11.13. Here’s what we know about the fast-approaching update.

What’s coming in TFT patch 11.13?

Renewers getting nerfed with more Soraka changes

Renewers has risen up as one of the go-to meta comps in TFT Reckoning thanks to the power of Soraka. The insane healing and mana generation of the composition made it a real threat, but with a two-pronged nerf, Renewers could slide down in priority.

Soraka is having her mana cost increase on an enemy’s next ability reduced at three-star, down to 35% flat across all ranks and not 50%. This, combined with a 6 Renewer chase trait nerf, will bring her power more in line with other carries.

While Soraka carry will still be relevant, it’s definitely not as strong as it once was. The critical strike changes, plus the 11.13 nerfs, will likely knock her down a couple of tiers.

Yasuo is getting a little nerf at three-star as Riot continues to target three-cost carries.

Three-cost carries like Yasuo receive another set of nerfs

Katarina, Nidalee, Yasuo, and other three-cost carries are about to receive the Hecarim treatment in TFT. After the 11.12 changes didn’t obviously go far enough, the cheap reroll carries will receive a few more nerfs in the next update.

Katarina’s nerfs aren’t too massive. She’s losing some power at one-star. However, the Yasuo nerfs at one and two-star will make sure that players need to hit Yasuo 3 to slice their way to a victory.

The same goes for Nidalee, who is getting sliced at two and three-star.

Lee Sin is getting an individual nerf, but the Skirmisher buff makes up for it.

Skirmishers getting big buffs

Despite the Lee Sin solo nerf, the Skirmisher trait is getting a bit of love. Both 6 Skirmisher and 9 Skirmisher will have their max health shield increased, and there’ll be extra AD on offer at the maximum rank too.

Kennen is also getting a little buff after harsh nerfs in TFT patch 11.11b. He is getting a bit of his damage back at three-star, but not a total revert of the big changes he was slapped with.

Nightbringer, Dawnbringer, Legionnaire, Redeemed, and Ranger are all primed for buffs as well.

Nerf wise, Varus, Karma, and Teemo are on the chopping block, as well as the aforementioned changes.

Teemo TFT Set 5
Teemo is getting nerfed in TFT patch 11.13 too.

You can find the full TFT patch 11.13 notes below, courtesy of Riot.

TFT patch 11.13 notes




  • Max Mana Buff: 40/80⇒30/70
  • Buckler Toss Damage: 150/250/350⇒150/250/400
  • Buckler Toss Shield: 250/350/450⇒250/375/525


  • now gains bonus damage every 4th attack even while mounted
  • Attack Speed: 0.7⇒0.75


  • Health 500⇒450
  • Arcane Bomb Damage: 250/350/450⇒250/375/525



  • Starting Mana Buff: 50/125⇒60/125
  • Flame Rush Damage: 150/200/250⇒150/225/350
  • Soraka

    • Mana Reave Increase: 35/35/50% ⇒ 35/35/35%


    • Holy Arrows Attack Damage Ratio: 150/160/180% ⇒ 150/155/165%



    • Enchanted Arrow Damage: 300/400/600⇒300/450/750


    • Sinister Blade Primary Damage: 200/250/420⇒180/250/420
    • Sinister Blade Secondary Damage: 100/125/210⇒90/125/210

    Lee Sin

    • Cripple Damage: 250/350/750⇒250/350/700


    • Prismatic Illumination Shield: 150/225/400⇒125/200/400


    • Aspect of the Cougar REWORKED: Nidalee transforms into a cougar and leaps behind the lowest Health enemy. While in cougar form, Nidalee gains 45% Dodge Chance, 40/50/75% Attack Speed, and her attacks become melee attacks that deal 200/300/600 bonus magic damage every 4th attack.
    • Attack Damage: 65 ⇒ 50


    • Burning Blade Damage: 300/400/750 ⇒ 250/350/700
    • Burning Blade Stacking On Hit Damage: 30/40/75⇒25/35/70


    • Grasping Roots hitbox has been increased slightly



    • Dark Vigil Base Damage: 100/150/300⇒125/150/300


    • Attack Speed: 0.85⇒0.9


    • Soulflare Damage: 240/300/700⇒225/280/700


    • Attract and Repel Shield Amount: 350/500/3000⇒300/450/3000


    • Attack Speed: 0.75⇒0.8
    • Empowered Rune Prison now stuns secondary targets for half the stun duration (.75/1/2). The main target is still stunned for the full duration (1.5/2/4).


    • Starting Mana Buff: 100/200⇒120/200



    • Health: 500⇒650
    • Attack Damage: 60⇒75
    • Attack Speed: 1.0⇒1.1
    • Number of Attacks per Immunity: 10⇒15
    • Ascension 4 AOE Spell Damage: 200/300/10000⇒80/125/4000


    • Cruelty Infernal Soul Damage: 140/175/666⇒130/160/666


    • Starting Mana Buff: 100/200⇒110/200



    • Monstrosity Attack Damage: 100/150/200 ⇒ 100/140/180
    • Monstrosity Attack Damage Per Star Level: 10/15/20 ⇒ 10/14/18


    • Self Bonus Ability Power: 30/80/140 ⇒ 30/70/140


    • Base Attack Damage & Ability Power: 30/70/140 ⇒ 25/60/125
    • Bonus Per Shadow Item: 10%⇒15%


    • Armor: 40/90/180⇒35/85/170


    • Block Amount: 15/40/80⇒20/40/70


    • Attack Speed: 25/60/110/180⇒25/60/110/195


    • Bonus Attack Speed 70/180⇒75/180%


    • AP/Armor/MR: 30/60/90⇒30/60/100


    • HP & Mana Regen: 3/6/10%⇒3/6/9%


    • Shield: 25/40/60%⇒25/45/75% Max Health


    Archdemon’s Staff of Immortality

    • Mana Ratio: 400%⇒350%

    Giant Slayer

    • Maximum Health Threshold: 1750⇒1650
    • Bonus Damage: 80%⇒75%


    • AOE Damage Reduction: 30%⇒25%

    Locket of the Silver Lunari

    • Armor & MR: 70⇒60

    Bug Fixes

    • Fixed a bug where getting 8 Assassins would turn off the Assassin bonus (Thanks PieHat!)
    • Wolf, Daisy, Heimerdinger’s Turret, and Zz’Rot’s Voidspawn now correctly have 130% base Critical Strike Damage (Thanks Deisik!)
    • Reforger will no longer reforge Shadow Components into the same Component
    • Eclipse Cape now properly applies its self burn if equipped mid-combat
    • Revive effects (e.g., Guardian Angel, Revenant) will no longer trigger if its holder is affected by Kindred’s ability
    • Teemo will now display correctly in the Shop as costing Health when rolled from a Loaded Dice

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