Teamfight Tactics devs reveal new Galaxies coming in Patch 10.9

Andrew Amos
Riot Games

The Galaxies mechanic has been a hit with players since the start of Teamfight Tactics Set 3, and more new battlefields are on their way in Patch 10.9.

TFT Galaxies has been a hit with players thanks to its interesting battlefield mechanics. While Set 2 got dull quicker than Riot were hoping for, Set 3 has given them the flexibility to be more dynamic in how the game is played.

They aren’t taking the foot off the gas, either. New galaxies are coming to keep players on their toes, and they’re coming in droves.

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Two new galaxies are on their way for Patch 10.9 ⁠— although one might be delayed for an update or two. In an April 16 blog post, TFT lead designer Stephen ‘Mort’ Mortimer explained what players can expect in Patch 10.9.

“We’re adding the Treasure Trove galaxy where every NPC is guaranteed to drop a loot orb,” he said. “The chance of getting the Treasure Trove galaxy will be much less than the others.

“We’re also experimenting with a galaxy that will add two-star champions to the carousel.”

Both galaxies are available on the PBE for testing right now, with the Treasure Trove almost certain to come in the next update. The other galaxy is still in early testing however, so players might need to wait until Patch 10.10 or beyond.

Riot Games
TFT players can expect new Galaxies with every patch.

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These galaxies aren’t the only ones in store for players. More new battlefields will be released as the set goes on, making for more dynamic gameplay and keeping players on their toes.

“The galaxies have landed well and added a bunch of new ways to play, and there seems to be a lot of creativity and exciting moments happening,” he added.

The possibility of even removing galaxies that disrupt gameplay too much is on the cards. “We’re also open to removing galaxies that aren’t adding new and interesting strategies to your gameplay, so keep letting us know what you think.”

Riot Games
The Neekoverse is one of the galaxies available to players, giving everyone access to two Neeko’s Helps from 1-1.

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Teamfight Tactics Patch 10.8 marked the release of Set 3’s first new unit, Xerath. The five-cost Dark Star Sorcerer has been tearing up the galaxy, and the meta has been blown open.

No new units are currently set for future patches, but there’s bound to be one in the coming weeks. We will keep you updated as more information becomes available.