LoL FunPlus Phoenix Worlds 2019 skins revealed: champions, cost, more

Andrew Amos

Five months after their Worlds 2019 triumph, Chinese squad FPX have now been immortalized in League of Legends, with skins for Gangplank, Lee Sin, Malphite, Thresh, and Vayne being released in their name.

“FunPlus Phoenix are looking to silence the haters, and stun the world with their own style of League of Legends.” Those were the words of Trevor ‘Quickshot’ Henry as FunPlus Phoenix secured their first Worlds title, taking down G2 Esports in dominating 3-0 fashion.

Now, their legacy will live on in-game, with a set of skins being released in their honor. After a lengthy design process, the Chinese squad will get five skins ⁠— one for each player ⁠— and they’re just about to hit the store.

FunPlus Phoenix Worlds 2019 skins splash art for League of Legends
The FPX Worlds 2019 skins for Thresh, Vayne, Malphite, Lee Sin, and Gangplank (L-R) are here.

What champions did FPX choose for their Worlds 2019 skins?

The FPX skins commemorating Worlds 2019 highlight the five signature champions of that illustrious roster. From Kim ‘GimGoon’ Han-saem’s Gankplank, to Kim ‘Doinb’ Tae-sang’s Malphite, the reigning World Champions will have a spot in League of Legends forever.

The skins all have the same black-red-gold tricolor, like the FPX logo. They are all wearing masks, with fire charging out of their costumes like a phoenix rising from the ashes.

On top of the epic looking skins, each player got to have input into their recall animations. GimGoon has his Gangplank hunched over a computer, while Crisp’s Thresh plays a piano of hands on his way back to base.

How much will the FPX Worlds 2019 skins cost?

The FunPlus Phoenix Worlds skins will set you back 1350 RP each for the base skins. They’ll come bundled in the store as a package of five, but it’s not yet known how much that’ll actually cost.

The signature bundle for the FPX skins will also be returning. After making their debut in the Worlds 2018 Invictus Gaming skins, superfans of certain players ⁠— or champions ⁠— can also get a special loading screen border and icon. These were around 2000 RP each in 2019.

There will also be Elite chromas for each skin. They’ll cost 290 RP each, but there’s no in-game images for the Elite cosmetic just yet.

The FPX Worlds 2019 skins will also receive additional chromas.

The FunPlus Phoenix skins are hitting PBE during the League of Legends Patch 10.9 cycle.

They could be hitting live servers in as little as two weeks, with the next patch set for April 28.

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