TFT Patch 10.8 to feature new unit Xerath, economy changes, more

Riot Games

Teamfight Tactics: Galaxies has been a hit with players so far. However, as Patch 10.8 approaches, a few changes are on their way to make the set more balanced, as well as adding fresh content with Xerath as a new unit.

The latest set of TFT has been renowned as arguably the game’s most exciting yet. The introduction of the Galaxies mechanic has added more variety into every game, while the meta has been exciting ⁠— minus Rebels.

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However, come Patch 10.8, Galaxies will get its first major shake-up for the season. With a new unit being added into the fray, and changes to the economy, the meta could start swinging drastically.

Xerath default splash art for League of LegendsRiot Games
Xerath is joining the TFT roster in Patch 10.8.

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New unit Xerath joins TFT roster

Xerath is making his debut in Teamfight Tactics during Set 3. The Magus Ascendant is entering the autobattler arena as a five-cost Dark Star Sorcerer ready to obliterate your enemies.

The end-game unit has received an ability similar to his ultimate in League of Legends in Abyssal Bombardment. According to the tooltip, “Xerath transforms, summoning meteors to strike random foes in place of his normal attacks for [a few] seconds.

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“Meteors deal magic damage upon impact, and if they kill their target, all adjacent enemies take [extra] magic damage and are stunned for 1.5 seconds.”

He will be a super strong unit if slotted into the right composition. However, given the state of both Sorcerer and Dark Star, he might not be the game-changer those traits need to become meta.

Xerath TFT statsSurrender@20
Xerath can be a late-game carry for Dark Star compositions.

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Gold streaks nerfed, player damage changes

After the first few weeks of play, Riot noted there were some balancing issues that needed to be addressed in the Galaxies set, specifically around the in-game economy.

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James ‘Statikk’ Bach, senior gameplay designer for Teamfight Tactics, mentioned on Reddit that some changes are on the way for Patch 10.8.

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Player damage will now scale more off surviving units, not just winning. Every surviving unit is now worth two damage, not one, while base damage has been almost halved.

On top of that, players will have to grind for gold streaks more. 2-3 round streaks will now both be worth one gold extra, four wins will be worth two instead of three, and three gold will only kick in at five rounds.

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These changes should help solve people hoarding income and hitting their late-game units too early, regardless of whether they win or lose. It also makes lose-streaking a lot riskier, as open-forting could lead to your early demise more regularly than not.

TFT Galaxies carouselRiot Games
Open-forting after a good start will now be punished by changes to lose streaking.

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Sorcerer buffs, nine-unit bonuses added

With the addition of a new unit, Sorcerer is also getting some buffs in tandem to make it more appealing. At four and six units, spell power will be increased by an additional 5% to 45% and 85% respectively.

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Additionally, an eight champ bonus has been added with the addition of Xerath. If you manage to collect all eight Sorcerers, you’ll get a 150% spell power boost, which will be huge in the late game.

Rebel, Blademaster, and Dark Star are also gaining nine-unit bonuses, while Protectors and Infiltrators will have six-unit bonuses added. This could hint at some units falling under those banners being released shortly after Xerath, so keep your eyes peeled.

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Riot Games
TFT Galaxies Patch 10.8 will ship in mid-April.

More changes will be added at the PBE cycle wears on. It’s unclear as to whether a ‘B-patch’ for 10.7 will be deployed. In other sets, TFT has been balanced weekly, however Riot chose to skip Patch 10.6b in the last cycle.

TFT Patch 10.8 is expected to drop on April 15. You can read the full patch notes below.

TFT Patch 10.8 notes



  • New nine-unit bonus: 100% chance to trigger two additional attacks against target.

Dark Star

  • New nine-unit bonus: +45 Attack Damage and Spell Power per ally death


  • New six-unit bonus: 120% bonus Attack Speed, refreshed on takedown.


  • New six-unit bonus: 45% maximum health shield after casting a spell.


  • New nine-unit bonus: 275 shield and 15% damage for every adjacent Rebel at round start.


  • New eight-unit bonus: 150% extra spell power for all allies.



  • Ability damage increased from 250/450/2000 to 400/600/5000.


  • Tier: 5
  • Trait: Dark Star
  • Class: Sorcerer
  • Ability: Abyssal Bombardment — Xerath transforms, summoning meteors to strike random foes in place of his normal attacks for 6/8/45 seconds. Meteors deal 350/450/2500 magic damage upon impact and if they kill their target, all adjacent enemies take [50% base] magic damage and are stunned for 1.5 seconds.