T1 star Faker boasts incredible LoL Worlds record

Faker holding up hush sign in T1 uniform at MSI 2022Lee Aiksoon for Riot Games

Lee ‘Faker’ Sang-hyeok has been earning his GOAT status so far at the 2022 World Championship, racking up an incredible win rate and breaking the all-time kill record.

If you’ve heard of LoL Esports, then you’ve heard of Faker. He’s the undisputed goat of international League of Legends, a three-time World Champion who’s still going strong almost ten years into his career.

And the veteran’s proven he hasn’t lost a step at Worlds 2022. After making it out of the group stage with a 5-1 record, he’s secured one of the highest Worlds groups win rates of all time.

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He’s lost only six group stage games at the seven World Championships he’s attended. His current record sits at 38-6, netting him an 86 percent overall group stage win record.

He’s finished first place in his group at every single World Championship he’s attended, and he’s one of a select few players to have played on the same team at every single Worlds attendance.

Yet more broken records

It’s not just Faker’s win record that’s impressive — he’s broken multiple records so far at Worlds 2022.

In T1’s matchup versus Fnatic on October 13, he broke 350 all-time Worlds kills, a record previously held by LPL legend Jian ‘Uzi’ Zhi-hao. He netted his 350th kill on Sylas, one his less-played career champions, in a game which he ended with a score line of 6/3/1.

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Shortly prior to that 350th kill, on October 9th, he played his 100th Worlds match. This makes him the first player in League history to play 100 Worlds games — and of those 100 games, he’s won a jaw-dropping 72.