League of Legends Worlds 2022: DRX complete the miracle run and take down T1

LoL Worlds 2022Colin Young-Wolff/Riot Games

The League of Legends 2022 World Championship has come to a close, with LCK fourth seed DRX making a miracle run from Play-Ins all the way to taking a world title.

  • DRX have had a massive resurgence through Worlds 2022. They took down EDG, the defending world champions, they took down GenG, and now they’ve taken down T1 to win the world title
  • What could have been Deft’s very last games of competitive League of Legends have ended with the greatest success he could have ever imagined. If this was his last dance, it’s one people will remember
  • Faker had the opportunity to take his 4th world title, and he fell just short

Worlds 2022 is the single biggest event in the League of Legends calendar, and it has finally concluded with DRX being crowned the world champions.

Lee ‘Faker’ Sang-hyeok’s T1 obviously headlined the act, with T1 dominating the competition every step of the way until it mattered most.

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LCK fourth seed DRX climbed their way to Finals all the way from Play-Ins, something no team in League of Legends’ competitive history has done. With Kim ‘Zeka’ Geon-woo and Kim ‘Deft’ Hyuk-kyu both having exceptional showings through every stage of Worlds 2022, completed their miracle run and ripped the 2022 world title out of Faker and the rest of T1’s hands.

DRX lifting the trophy after their hard-earned win

For everything you need to know about League of Legends Worlds 2022, we’ve got you covered right here with all the details on the format, schedule and results, teams, and more.

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League of Legends Worlds 2022: Streams

League of Legends Worlds 2022 was streamed live on the Riot Games Twitch channel, which we have embedded below for your convenience.

Miss a game? Catch up with VODs on the official LoL Esports YouTube channel.

League of Legends Worlds 2022: schedule & results

Grand Finals: November 5

T1 2-3 DRXNovember 55PM8PM1AM

Semifinals: October 29-30

T1 3-1 JDGOctober 292PM5PM10PM
GenG 1-3 DRXOctober 302PM5PM10PM

Quarterfinals: October 20-23

JDG 3-0 RogueOctober 202PM5PM10PM
T1 3-0 RNGOctober 212PM5PM10PM
GenG 3-2 Damwon KIAOctober 222PM5PM10PM
DRX 3-2 EDGOctober 232PM5PM10PM

Group Stage: October 7 — October 16

Day 1: October 7

Group ACloud9 0-1 Fnatic2PM5PM10PM
Group BG2 Esports 0-1 Damwon Kia3PM6PM11PM
Group DCTBC Flying Oyster 1-0 100 Thieves4PM7PM12AM
Group BJD Gaming 1-0 Evil Geniuses5PM8PM1AM
Group AT1 1-0 Edward Gaming6PM9PM2AM
Group DGen.G 0-1 RNG7PM10PM3AM

Day 2: October 8

Group CRogue 1-0 DRX2PM5PM10PM
Group BG2 Esports 1-0 Evil Geniuses3PM6PM11PM
Group AT1 0-1 Fnatic4PM7PM12AM
Group AEdward Gaming 1-0 Cloud95PM8PM1AM
Group CTop Esports 1-0 GAM Esports6PM9PM2AM
Group BDamwon Kia 0-1 JD Gaming7PM10PM3AM

Day 3: October 9

Group DGAM Esports 0-1 Rogue2PM5PM10PM
Group D100 Thieves 0-1 Gen.G3PM6PM11PM
Group AEdward Gaming 1-0 Fnatic4PM7PM12AM
Group ACloud9 vs T15PM8PM1AM
Group CCTBC Flying Oyster 0-1 RNG6PM9PM2AM
Group CDRX 1-0 Top Esports7PM10PM3AM

Day 4: October 10

Group BJD Gaming 1-0 G2 Esports2PM5PM10PM
Group DRogue 1-0 Top Esports3PM6PM11PM
Group BDamwon 1-0 EG4PM7PM12AM
Group D100 Thieves 0-1 RNG5PM8PM1AM
Group CGen.G 1-0 CTBC Flying Oyster6PM9PM2AM
Group CGAM Esports 0-1 DRX7PM10PM3AM

Day 5: October 13

Group AFnatic 1-0 Cloud912PM3PM8PM
Group AT1 1-0 Fnatic1PM4PM9PM
Group ACloud9 0-1 EDG2PM5PM10PM
Group AFnatic 0-1 EDG3PM6PM11PM
Group AT1 1-0 Cloud94PM7PM12AM
Group AEDG 0-1 T15PM8PM1AM

Day 6: October 14

Group BG2 Esports 0-1 Evil Geniuses12PM3PM8PM
Group BEvil Geniuses 0-1 JDG1PM4PM9PM
Group BDamwon KIA 1-0 G2 Esports2PM5PM10PM
Group BG2 Esports 0-1 JDG3PM6PM11PM
Group BEvil Geniuses 0-1 Damwon KIA4PM7PM12AM
Group BJDG 0-1 Damwon KIA5PM8PM1AM
Group BJDG 1-0 Damwon KIA6PM9PM2AM

Day 7: October 15

Group CRogue 1-0 GAM Esports12PM3PM8PM
Group CGAM Esports 1-0 Top Esports1PM4PM9PM
Group CDRX 1-0 Rogue2PM5PM10PM
Group CDRX 1-0 GAM Esports3PM6PM11PM
Group CTop Esports 1-0 Rogue4PM7PM12AM
Group CTop Esports 1-0 DRX5PM8PM1AM
Group CRogue 0-1 DRX6PM9PM2AM

Day 8: October 16

Group D100 Thieves 1-0 CTBC Flying Oyster12PM3PM8PM
Group DCTBC Flying Oyster 0-1 GenG1PM4PM9PM
Group DRNG 1-0 100 Thieves2PM5PM10PM
Group DGenG 1-0 100 Thieves3PM6PM11PM
Group DCTBC Flying Oyster 0-1 RNG4PM7PM12AM
Group DRNG 0-1 GenG5PM8PM1AM
Group DRNG 0-1 GenG6PM9PM2AM

League of Legends Worlds 2022: Group standings

Main Event

Group A

2EDward Gaming4-2

Group B

1JD Gaming6-1
2Damwon KIA5-2
3Evil Geniuses1-5
3G2 Esports1-5

Group C

3Top Esports3-3
4GAM Esports1-5

Group D

3CTBC Flying Oyster1-5
3100 Thieves1-5

Knockout Stage: October 20 — November 5

  • Quarterfinals: October 20-23
    • Hulu Theater at Madison Square Garden — New York City
  • Semifinals: October 29-30
    • State Farm Arena — Atlanta, Georgia
  • Finals: November 5
    • Chase Center — San Francisco, California

Play-In Stage: September 29 – October 4

Day 1: September 29

Group BIsurus 0-1 MAD Lions1PM4PM9PM
Group AFnatic 1-0 Evil Geniuses2PM5PM10PM
Group ALOUD 0-1 Beyond3PM6PM11PM
Group BMAD Lions 1-0 Wildcats4PM7PM12AM
Group AChiefs 0-1 Fnatic5PM8PM1AM
Group BSaigon Buffalo 1-0 Wildcats7PM10PM3AM
Group BDRX 1-0 RNG8PM11PM4AM

Day 2: September 30

Group AFnatic 1-0 DFM1PM4PM9PM
Group AEvil Geniuses 1-0 LOUD2PM5PM10PM
Group BSaigon Buffalo 1-0 Isurus3PM6PM11PM
Group ADFM 1-0 Chiefs4PM7PM12AM
Group AEvil Geniuses 1-0 Beyond5PM8PM1AM
Group BDRX 1-0 Saigon Buffalo6PM9PM2AM
Group BMAD Lions 0-1 RNG7PM10PM3AM
Group BWildcats 0-1 DRX8PM11PM4AM

Day 3: October 1

Group ALOUD 1-0 Fnatic1PM4PM9PM
Group BMAD Lions 1-0 Saigon Buffalo2PM5PM10PM
Group ABeyond 0-1 DFM3PM6PM11PM
Group AEvil Geniuses 1-0 Chiefs4PM7PM12AM
Group BRNG 1-0 Isurus5PM8PM1AM
Group AChiefs 0-1 Beyond6PM9PM2AM
Group BRNG 1-0 Wildcats7PM10PM3AM
Group BIsurus 0-1 DRX8PM11PM4AM

Day 4: October 2

Group ABeyond 0-1 Fnatic1PM4PM9PM
Group ALOUD 1-0 Chiefs2PM5PM10PM
Group ADFM 1-0 Evil Geniuses3PM6PM11PM
Group BWildcats 0-1 Isurus4PM7PM12AM
Group BDRX 1-0 MAD Lions5PM8PM1AM
Group BRNG 1-0 Saigon Buffalo6PM9PM2AM
Group ADFM 0-1 Evil Geniuses7PM10PM3AM
Group ALOUD 0-1 Evil Geniuses8PM11PM4AM

Day 5: October 3

Elimination RoundSaigon Buffalo 1-3 MAD Lions11AM2PM7PM
Elimination RoundLOUD 1-3 DetonatioN FocusMe4PM7PM12AM

Day 6: October 4

Qualification RoundEvil Geniuses 3-0 MAD Lions11AM2PM7PM
Qualification RoundRNG 3-1 DetonatioN FocusMe4PM7PM12AM

Play-In Stage

Group A

2Evil Geniuses3-2
2Detonation FocusMe3-2
5Beyond Gaming2-3
6The Chiefs0-5

Group B

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3MAD Lions3-2
4Saigon Buffalo2-3
5Istanbul Wildcats0-5

LoL Worlds 2022: All qualified teams

Riot Games
2021 World Champions EDG

Twenty-four teams from 11 regions across the world battled it out at Worlds 2022. With the LCL unable to send a representative to the tournament this year, their seed was given to the LEC — making it the only major region to have two representatives in the Play-In stage.

The top 12 qualifying teams at the tournament advanced straight to the group stage. The remaining 12 battled their way through the Play-In stage for a chance to snatch one of the four group stage spots.

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You can find the full list of teams who qualified for League of Legends Worlds 2022 below.

JD GamingChina369, Kanavi, Yagao, Hope, Missing
Top EsportsChinaWayward, Tian, knight, JackeyLove, Mark
EDward GamingChinaFlandre, JunJia / Jiejie, Scout, Viper, Meiko
RNGChinaBreathe, Wei, Xiaohu, GALA, Ming
Gen.GKoreaDoran, Peanut, Chovy, Ruler, Lehends
T1KoreaZeus, Oner, Faker, Gumayusi, Keria
DWG KIAKoreaNuguri / Burdol, Canyon, ShowMaker, deokdam, Kellin
DRXKoreaKingen, Juhan / Pyosik, Zeka, Deft, BeryL
RogueEuropeOdoamne, Malrang, Larssen, Comp, Trymbi
G2 EsportsEuropeBrokenBlade, Jankos, caPs, Flakked, Targamas
FnaticEuropeWunder, Razork, Humanoid, Upset, Hylissang
MAD LionsEuropeArmut, Elyoya, Nisqy, UNF0RGIVEN, Kaiser
Cloud9NAFudge, Blaber, Jensen, Berserker, Zven
100 ThievesNASsumday, Closer, Abbedagge, FBI, Huhi
Evil GeniusesNAImpact, Inspired, jojopyun, Danny / Kaori, Vulcan
CTBC Flying OysterPCSRest, Gemini, Mission, Shunn, Koala
Beyond GamingPCSLikai / Liang, HuSha, Minji, Wako, Kino
GAM EsportsVietnamKiaya, Levi, Kati, Sty1e, Bie
Saigon BuffaloVietnamHasmed, BeanJ, Froggy, Shogun, Taki
LOUDBrazilRobo, Croc, tinowns, Brance, Ceos
DetonatioN FocusMeJapanEvi, Steal, Yaharong, Yutapon, Harp
IsurusLATAMADD, Grell, seiya, Gavotto, Jelly
The ChiefsOceaniaTopoon, Arthur, Tally, Raes, Aladoric
Istanbul WildcatsTurkeyStarScreen, Ferret, Serin, HolyPhoenix, Farfetch

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