Yasuo & Yone get controversial hotfix buffs after League patch 13.10

Carver Fisher
Yone in League of Legends

The ADC item changes on League of Legends patch 13.10 have left some champions in the dust, resulting in Yasuo and Yone swiftly getting buffed in a hotfix just hours after the patch went live.

When massive sets of item changes get implemented into League of Legends, it’s only natural that a few characters get left behind. The same was true of some select champions when the original set of Mythic item changes went live all the way back in Season 10.

This time around, Yone and Yasuo have both lost an essential item on LoL patch 13.10 in Immortal Shieldbow as a Mythic, and their win rate dipped dramatically after the patch went live. As for Kindred, players are still trying to figure out which Mythic is her best option and her win rate has taken a hit.

The League of Legends community isn’t so sure how to feel about Yasuo and Yone getting buffed so quickly when some other champions have had to wait much longer for buffs.

Speedy 13.10 Yone and Yasuo buffs spark controversy

Yone and Yasuo are two of League of Legends’ most popular and most hated champions. Though these two champions rarely make it above the 50% win rate mark, they always maintain a generally high play rate.

A good Yasuo or Yone player tends to run over matches, while players that aren’t so good have the potential to lose so badly that they lose the game for their team. Granted, this is possible on pretty much any champion in League of Legends, but it’s especially true with these two.

As for Kindred, her win rate isn’t great overall and she very well may have needed the help. However, she’s also not the only ADC champions affected drastically by the changes. People are wondering whether or not Riot was a bit too hasty with these emergency buffs after League patch 13.10.

The buffs are as follows:


Base Stats

  • Health growth per level: 99 >>> 104
  • AD growth per level: 2.5 >>> 3.25

E: Mounting Dread

  • 15-65% of target’s max health scaling with crit chance >>> 25-75% max health scaling with crit chance


Base Stats

  • Health growth per level: 101 >>> 110

Passive: Way of the Wanderer

  • Shield: 100-575 (scaling with player level) >>> 125-600 (scaling with player level)

W: Wind Wall

  • Cooldown: 30-18 seconds >>> 25-15


Base Stats

  • Base armor: 28 >>> 30
  • Health growth per level: 99 >>> 105

W: Spirit Cleave

  • Cooldown: 16-6 seconds >>> 16-4 seconds
  • Shield: 35-55 (scaling with player level) (+55% bonus AD) >>> 45-65 (scaling with player level) (+65% bonus AD)

These have led to a discussion amongst players as to whether or not these buffs were actually warranted in a reddit post detailing the changes. Even players who agree their win rate was low enough to justify buffs aren’t too sure about the ways in which a champ like Yasuo has been buffed.

“I know they deserve those buffs cause they lost a lot of wr, but seeing windwall more frequently is not something I like. 5 seconds sounds like a lot of time.” one redditor said.

League of Legends Inksplash Yasuo Prestige
Yone is a champion many players feel is prioritized by the balance team

Meanwhile, players who aren’t happy with how fast the changes were implemented have been outspoken about what they feel is Riot heavily favoring these two champions over the others.

“The SECOND a nerf touches ANY item in Yasuo/Yone’s build, they get direct and immediate buffs.” one user claims. They continue, “Meanwhile, they’ll nerf champs constantly over an item rather than nerf the item, then remove the item… but keep the nerfs. I seriously have never seen them baby two champions so intensely.”

These three champions are flanked by champs like Corki and Kalista who were reliant on now altered items. Their win rate also hovers around the 45% mark at all ranks, making it clear that Kindred, Yone, and Yasuo aren’t the only ones left behind by the changes.

It remains to be seen how Riot balances around the 13.10 changes and how they buff champions who are still finding their ideal Mythic.

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