LoL players praise Patch 14.4 Lethal Tempo nerfs for ruining two hated champions

Liam Ho
League of Legends Inksplash Yasuo Prestige

League of Legends players are praising the new nerfs coming to Lethal Tempo in Patch 14.4 for ruining toxic brothers Yasuo and Yone.

There are plenty of champions in League of Legends. With over 160 in the game, the roster is absolutely filled to the brim with colorful characters with their respective strengths. However, not all champions are universally loved in the same way, with certain characters receiving a fair amount of hatred from the player base.

Whether that be Teemo for his infuriating DoT shrooms, Lulu for her polymorph, or Katarina for her face-mashing pentakills, every champ has someone who hates them. Easily one of the more hated pairs in LoL is Yasuo and Yone, who are commonly known for feeding on your team, or one shotting you if they’re on the enemy team.

However, Riot is now delivering some hefty nerfs to their best rune in Patch 14.4, resulting in praise from the community.

LoL players rejoice after Lethal Tempo nerfs gut Yasuo and Yone

Lethal Tempo is receiving a nerf to its attack speed scaling for melees early, which significantly impacts both Yasuo and Yone. Since Yasuo and Yone’s Q ability scales off attack speed, the rune grants them ridiculous levels of power early, which they wouldn’t have access to otherwise.

“Is it a good change? Absolutely! These types of champs are supposed to have a worse early game. And this Keystone has completely eradicated that weakness for way too long,” one post praising the changes reads.

Many players then agreed with the post, discussing their annoyance at losing to a champion who gains a bunch of free stats.

“Haven’t we all loved getting beaten by these champions in the early levels just because they get ridiculous amounts of stats for free from playing their champion normally?”

Others chipped in, agreeing Lethal Tempo warped the game far too much, not only for Yasuo and Yone.

“I agree. LT warps the early game way more than any rune should.”

The nerfs will arrive in Patch 14.4, which is scheduled for live servers on Thursday, February 22, 2024.