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Riot Games confirms upcoming Prestige editions for fan-favorite League of Legends skins

Published: 11/Jan/2019 20:38 Updated: 13/Jan/2019 0:02

by Alan Bernal


Ramping up to the 2018 League of Legends World Championship, Riot Games have released an official ‘K/DA’ line of skins for popular femme fatales of the game – and now, it seems like the entire lineup will don a prestigious look.

League of Legends rocked its fan base when it announced the K/DA skins while releasing an original song and video to match. The following months saw Kai’sa and Akali getting Prestigious Editions of their pop sensation looks, and it seems like the rest of the group will, too.

In a Twitter reply, Riot Games Stephen ‘Mortdog’ Mortimer confirmed that the company is working on Prestige skins for Ahri and Evelynn, rounding out the remainder of the K/DA band.

Fans were incredibly receptive to the Prestige Edition for Kai’sa, which gave the character’s model an enticing alternative to one of the more popular K-Pop skins.

Akali’s Prestige Edition came soon after – although wasn’t as diverse as the original K/DA skin. However, fans still applauded the remake, as it did enough to distinguish itself from her base edition.

Riot has since released a Prestige skin for Aatrox, which was heavily criticized for being nothing more than a “gold chroma” for the Darkin Blade’s Blood Moon skin it took after. Matters were not quelled when Vayne’s Firecracker Prestige Edition was announced, as it looked to follow the trend that Aatrox started.

With the added fuel to the fire that Prestige Points garnered for the company, the announcement of completing the successful line of skins’ Prestige Editions could be a welcomed change of pace for all parties.

No release date or window came with the announcement, but Riot might look to oblige soon to reel back some of their outspoken audience.

League of Legends

Riot opens up on potential Shyvana VGU plans for League Season 11

Published: 25/Oct/2020 1:29

by Andrew Amos


Shyvana is one of League of Legends’ most outdated champions. She’s in desperate need of a visual and gameplay update (VGU). Riot have earmarked her as one of the next ones in line ⁠— and they’ve got a plan ⁠— but there still might be a wait.

Back in 2019, Riot put a poll out to the community to choose who should get the next VGU in League of Legends. Fiddlesticks and Volibear ended up winning the poll, and have received their gameplay updates across Season 10 to much fanfare.

However, history never remembers the losers. Shyvana ended up coming third in the poll ⁠— with over 20% of the vote ⁠— and Riot has hushed any potential VGU for her since.

League of Legends
Riot Games
Riot agrees Shyvana is in dire need of a VGU, but there’s no firm plans in place yet.

Even Dr. Mundo, who came last in the poll with 14% of the vote, is now getting a VGU, leapfrogging Shyvana. However, Riot are still looking towards a potential Shyvana rework, and it could be coming as soon as Season 11.

Design director Andrei ‘Meddler’ van Roon opened up on Reddit about the potential of a Shyvana VGU coming in Season 11. The developer stated that while Shyvana “does need a VGU,” there’s other champions who need it more.

“I think Shyvana does need a VGU. Only question for me is how to prioritize her versus other highly in need champs like Udyr for example,” he told players.

However, even if it’s still on the drawing board, Riot has a clear identity in mind for Shyvana. They want to revert the shapeshifting dragon towards a fighter, rather than the burst mage she’s become.

The on-hit or bruiser Shyvana builds of old have been tossed to the side, with the new meta being full AP, relying on huge E damage procs to nuke enemy squishies. Riot wants to bring her back to her roots when they do rework her.


“I wouldn’t consider a VGU that didn’t strongly support a fighter playstyle as appropriate given her history and fantasy,” he added.

For now though, there’s no official go-ahead on Shyvana’s rework. Dr. Mundo is where the team’s focus is at, with plans for the Madman of Zaun fully in motion for a Season 11 release.