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Riot dev reveals Conqueror changes coming in League patch 10.13

Published: 6/Jun/2020 11:23

by Daniel Cleary


Riot Games have revealed that they are working on new changes to nerf the Conqueror rune in League of Legends ahead of patch 10.13.

Runes in League of Legends can offer players bonus stats like extra attack speed, damage, or healing for sticking by a certain playstyle over the course of a game.

Many of these runes, including Conqueror, require players to gather ‘stacks’ before they can trigger their passive, by consecutively attacking opponents over a short span of time, making for an interesting dynamic in fights when activated.

Riot Games
The Conqueror keystone is used for champions across almost all roles in League of Legends.

The Conqueror keystone is one of the most common runes seen in the Precision path, as it can be used on many champions and across most of the roles in League of Legends.


Conqueror’s passive can provide players with extra attack damage or ability power per stack and when maxed, it can even allow players to heal back up for a percentage of the damage that they dish out.

However, Riot’s lead game designer Mark Yetter revealed that they are currently testing some new changes to the rune to put an emphasis on the long fight patterns it was originally designed for.

He revealed that the changes would also be taking some of the power away from burst champions by slightly increasing the time it takes to fully stack the keystone, making it 12 max stacks rather than 10.


“We’re early testing on some Conqueror nerfs for 10.13,” he revealed, “basically the same value at full stacks but a slightly longer ramp up. Emphasizes the longer fight patterns and less useful on bursty champs.”

While these nerfs are still in the early testing phase, it is quite possible that there will be some adjustments made to the proposed changes before it goes live.

As of now, the conqueror changes are expected to be included in the upcoming 10.13 patch, which is scheduled for Wednesday, June 24.