Riot dev responds to bizarre Rengar damage bug in League of Legends

Daniel Cleary
Rengar in league of legends

A Riot developer has responded to players’ concerns after a strange critical strike damage bug was found with Rengar’s abilities in League of Legends.

With over 150 unique champions in League of Legends and mid lane mage Seraphine also on the way, there are now plenty of characters with different playstyles to master.

However, one of the most unusual champions in the game is Rengar for his strange interactions with the terrain on summoner’s rift, as fans of the Pridestalker can make use of brushes on the map to leap towards opponents with each basic attack.

Rengar's guardian of the sands skin

Rengar’s ability to stack up Ferocity with each attack can make the assassin quite deadly to unsuspecting opponents, as players will gain an empowered attack when his Ferocity bar is maxed out.

While this empowered ability is supposed to add even more damage to his potential combo, Rengar mains have noticed a strange bug with the champ that would prevent any Critical Strike damage from being included on his empowered Q ability.

After it was first discovered, LoL player u/Bendzsike tested the bug and revealed that Rengar’s Q ability could actually deal more damage while the ability was not empowered, despite the fact that Crit items like Phantom Dancer are commonly seen as an item in Rengar’s build path.

Once this bug was found to make items with extra Critical Strike stats less useful for the champion, players reached out to Riot devs, asking them to address this bizarre damage issue.

Riot developer August Browning, who worked on Rengar’s rework in Season 8, responded confirming that it was definitely a bug and that they would work on fixing it in an upcoming patch.

Riot dev responds to reddit comment

“Another Rengar bug. It’s probably my fault too,” he responded jokingly, confirming his plans to work on a fix, “I’ll go fix this while crying.”

While Riot is now aware of this new Rengar bug, it is unclear just when this patch will be rolled out on live servers. So, it might be best to stick with Rengar’s lethality build until it has been fixed.

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