Rekkles explains why G2 Caps is a “scarier” ADC than Perkz

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Fnatic League of Legends star Martin ‘Rekkles’ Larsson has explained why he was more afraid of playing against G2 Esports’ Rasmus ‘Caps’ Winther in the bot lane over Luka ‘Perkz’ Perkovic.

Rekkles has been one of the top European League of Legends players for many years and has achieved impressive results, both regionally and internationally, during his time on Fnatic.

However, Fnatic’s LEC rivals G2 Esports have been surprisingly dominant in recent splits, almost pulling off a flawless year in 2019, even with Caps and Perkz making some bizarre role swaps during their time together.

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Caps left Fnatic to join G2 Esports ahead of the LEC’s 2019 Spring Split.

While Caps and Perkz both came up in the pro scene as mid laners, they have now shared time in the ADC role after deciding they would have more of a chance at international success when teaming together.

During the latest episode of the FnaticLive broadcast, Rekkles shared his thoughts on G2 Esports’ role swaps and compared the strengths of their different formations as a 5-man roster.

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“Caps and Perkz are very different players so it’s hard to say which is the best roster,” he explained, “I feel like it’s going to depend on meta, it’s going to depend on how they are on the day.”

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He continued, explaining that he thought his former teammate, Caps, was the “scarier” bot laner, despite the perception among fans that Perkz was better suited to the role.

“Everyone knows Caps has his days,” Rekkles added, “I’m going to be honest here, as of late I’ve felt like Caps is just a better player than Perkz. So it’s a bit scarier to play against Caps in the bot lane.”

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Although Rekkles claimed that Caps is the better opponent, he shared that he is unsure what formation works best for the G2 Esports line-up as a whole.

“But at the same time, Mid is a stronger role than AD Carry. So maybe it is scarier as a team to play against Caps in the mid lane, I’m not really sure.”

Despite Rekkles giving Caps praise for his skills in the bot lane, it has been revealed that the former Fnatic mid-laner was much more comfortable in his traditional role, and as a result, Perkz will be acting as G2’s starting ADC for the LEC Summer Split once again.

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