Riot confirm some Legends of Runeterra cards will be new LoL champions

Riot Games

Riot has officially confirmed some of the more popular Legends of Runeterra characters created specifically for the company’s new collectible card game will eventually be added to League of Legends as champions.

Legends of Runeterra was released earlier this year to major fanfare. Riot’s first CCG, set in the same world as their flagship MOBA title, drew heavily on already existing League champions. Lux, Darius, Nautilus, and more have been turned into high-powered cards.

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With so many LoL characters joining the Runeterra cast, a few questions arise. Will the new characters from LoR be making the switch the other way? How long before a Runeterra card makes its debut in League?

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Runeterra characters will join League “soon,” says Riot

Well, according to Russian-based Riot developer Alexey “Nitraka” Podgoretsky, who held a Q&A on Legends of Runeterra on, fans should be able to see some of LoR’s popular cards make the transition “soon.”

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“There is… soon you will see them in LoL,” Podgoretsky said when quizzed on plans to “fuse” League and Runeterra together. He did not, however, add when that “soon” may actually be, despite fielding more questions on the topic.

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Yasuo's brother Yone could be the first Legends of Runeterra character to make the switch to League of Legends.Riot Games
Yasuo’s brother Yone could be the first LoR character to land in LoL.

There could already be a few frontrunners in terms of stand-out Runeterra heroes set to make their League of Legends debut. Chief among them is Yasuo’s dead brother Yone, who has been revived to join Riot’s CCG.

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The Ionian Windchaser has been touted as the most likely character to bridge the gap between the two games for some time. Riot’s new teaser about a “masked stranger returning from the dead” seems to confirm this too.

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There are a few other top picks too. Runeterra players are already asking for Demacian hero Cithria to join the roster. She has two forms in LoR, “Cloudfield” and “the Bold,” and is deeply involved in LoL lore already.

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Here at Dexerto, we’ve already tipped a few other heroes to make the switch too. These include Scarmother Vrynna, Kato the Arm & Shiraza the Blade, and Jae Medarda. Each boasts loud personalities in the CCG, and have quickly become fan-favorites.

War-hardened Freljord commander Vrynna could be another Runeterra card set to make the jump into LoL this year.Riot Games
Freljord leader Vrynna could be another Runeterra card set to make the jump into LoL this year.

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When could Runeterra characters debut in LoL?

Unfortunately, Podgoretsky was quite vague about when these debuts could happen. He also made sure not to answer questions asking about dates. That means fans are still in the dark about when we could see Yone, Kato & Shiraza, and more land in LoL.

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Riot suggested they are aiming for six new champions in their latest 2020 roadmap, so that means there’s every chance a Runeterra debutant could be among them. The next may already be locked, but beyond that, the sky really is the limit.

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