First look at Dr Mundo rework for League of Legends revealed

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Dr Mundo is the next in line for a major gameplay update in League of Legends. After his rework was announced earlier in June, Riot are now sharing the first major details of how the juggernaut could look when his update is launched.

First it was Wukong, then it was Fiddlesticks and Volibear. Now, Dr Mundo is in line for a much-needed gameplay update, with the top lane supertank finding himself on the outer in Runeterra.

After announcing the rework earlier this month, Riot has shared new details of what players should ⁠— and shouldn’t ⁠— expect from the Madman of Zaun’s rework.

Frozen Prince Dr Mundo skin for League of Legends
Dr Mundo is next on Riot’s list for a major gameplay update.

Riot do have some clear-cut goals in mind for the rework. They want to keep Mundo’s current identity and design the same, as it’s something League players love. However, they need to modernize his kit, while still keeping it relatively simple.

“He has a lot that currently works well for him, like his super-tank regeneration and the ability to constantly chuck cleavers — both of which you can expect to stay, in some form or another, after his update,” the devs stated in a June 10 blog post.

“Our main goals are to give opponents more counterplay options against Mundo, increase Mundo’s gameplay variance beyond landing cleavers, and bring Mundo into the modern era of League without sacrificing his overall simplicity.”

Riot have a general idea of where they want to take Dr Mundo, but nothing is solid yet.

The devs have tested numerous different abilities to give League’s super tank. They contemplated giving him max health for every bit of damage he took, but quickly reversed on that. They also made his health scale with resistances, but this became problematic when health shred items smashed through his HP bar even harder.

They even tested out giving Mundo an ability like Malzahar’s Malefic Visions. When Mundo would kill a target, nearby enemies would be hit with a bleed. Once they died, it would spread further, and do more damage. However, this was also quickly removed for not following his “identity.”

Things are still in the very early stages, and nothing has been locked in ⁠— aside from a general direction of where they want to take the Doctor.

Riot have tested numerous new abilities for Mundo, but nothing has stuck yet.

“We’re still in a phase where everything is super crazy and experimental,” added Glenn ‘Twin Enso’ Anderson, a gameplay designer on the rework. “While none of these early explorations have felt quite right, our muscly purple MD will still be one of League’s marquee megatanks.”

The Dr Mundo rework is set to be launched in Season 11, so don’t expect anything to drop this year. However, we will update you once Riot has a more fleshed out version of his reworked kit.

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