What are Objective Bounties in League of Legends? New Season 12 mechanic explained

Baron nashor in League of Legends objective bounties season 12 guideRiot Games

Objective Bounties are being added in League of Legends Season 12 to help teams claw their way back into the game. With every Baron, Dragon, and Turret being a stepping stone to success, here’s how Objective Bounties will work, and how much it’s worth.

League of Legends Season 12 is shipping a ton of updates across the board, tinkering on some of the more recent major reworks.

There’s a few new items coming to fill the void left by the Season 11 overhaul, two new Dragons will add new dynamic souls to Summoner’s Rift, and the runes system is once again getting some big changes.

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However, a totally all-new feature is Objective Bounties, building on the same ones for champions. Here’s how it’ll work in League of Legends Season 12, and just how much it’s worth.

Dragonslayer Olaf and Diana in League of LegendsRiot Games
Slay Dragons (and other objectives), and get bonus gold in League of Legends Season 12 with Objective Bounties.

What are Objective Bounties in League of Legends?

Objective Bounties are much like Champion Bounties in League of Legends. However, instead of the bounty being put on a single champion’s head ⁠— and paid out to one player ⁠— the bounty is now distributed across the map.

Every major objective in League of Legends ⁠— turrets, Dragons, Rift Herald, and Baron Nashor ⁠— will offer a bounty “only when a team is sufficiently behind and are highlighted on the minimap for both teams.”

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The losing team can take these objectives to get an influx of gold, split evenly among the team. If a team catches up without taking a bounty though, it’ll disappear off the map within 15 seconds.

Riot GamesThe bigger the objective, the more valuable the Objective Bounty.

How much are Objective Bounties worth?

Objective Bounties are calculated based on four factors: XP lead, Gold lead, Dragon lead, and Turret lead. Each objective has a different value assigned to it, which you can find below:

  • Baron and Elder Dragon: 500 gold
  • Dragon and Rift Herald: 500 gold
  • Outer Turret: 250 gold
  • Inner and Base Turrets: 400 gold

This scales as teams fall behind, increasing by an additional 60% ⁠— meaning Baron and Dragons could be worth up to 800 gold if you’re far enough behind.

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Riot Games
Turrets are also worth bonus gold with Objective Bounties.

While the system will help those set behind early, Riot made sure it wasn’t strong enough to completely swing the tides of a game.

“We don’t want to invalidate the big advantages caused by skill gap. If you’re just that good and dominating your lane opponent and snowballing the game, that advantage shouldn’t just disappear altogether,” the developers explained in an August blog post.

Objective Bounties will be added in League of Legends patch 11.23 when the preseason update launches on November 17.

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