League Preseason 12 introduces Hextech and Chemtech dragons with new buffs

Riot Games

Riot Games released new information about changes coming to League of Legends in Season 12, including two new Hextech and Chemtech dragons, which will grant new buffs.

League of Legends is getting some new content heading into the preseason for Season 12. A new installment in Riot’s “LoL Pls” series showed off some of what players should expect.

The biggest news of the bunch comes from the two new dragons that will be joining the fray, which are the Hextech and Chemtech dragons, each with its own unique buff.

League of Legends Chemtech dragonRiot Games
Chemtech Drake buff grants bonus damage based on missing health.

Hextech and Chemtech dragon

Jeremy Lee from Riot Games provided info on how the new dragons will impact Summoner’s Rift. The two new dragons added to the game will bring the total number of dragons to six.

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Slaying the Hextech dragon will grant players additional ability haste and attack speed. Claiming the soul will grant players a chain-slow on attacks, similar to the passive for the retired item Statik Shiv.

When the Hextech dragon takes over Summoner’s Rift, Hextech gates will spawn across the map allowing players to teleport to set locations.

League of Legends Hextech gatesRiot Games
Hextech dragon soul spawns gates players can teleport through.

As for the Chemtech dragon, slaying it will grant players extra damage based on their missing health. Capturing the Chemtech soul will turn players, upon death, into a zombie-form of themselves, able to stay alive for a few extra seconds and cast abilities.

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The Chemtech map changes include creating a camouflage zone using green smoke, seen below.

League of Legends Chemtech camo area

These two new dragons are coming to League’s PBE in a couple of weeks when players will be able to get their hands on the new content for the very first time.