Ninja ends Twitch stream early after hilarious League of Legends rage-quit

Ninja League of Legends Twitch Rage QuitTwitter: Ninja

Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins has been on the ranked grind in League of Legends for a while now, but it seems like it’s taken a toll after he hilariously rage-quit and ended his steam early.

League of Legends players know all too well how frustrating the ranked experience can be. It’s a roller-coaster ride filled with many ups and downs and thrills and chills.

When it’s good, it’s great. But when it’s bad, it can be a grueling experience.

Ninja has learned that first-hand after being hard stuck Gold for most of Season 11.

He’s been grinding out games to try and hit Platinum, even if it means wanting to pull his hair out along the way. However, it all came crashing down on April 17.

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Ninja in his streaming setupTwitch: Ninja
Ninja has deviated from his roots and found a new home in League of Legends.

Ninja lost his cool after a fight in the bot lane, rage-quitting not just from the game, but ending his stream early. 

Not only did he die, but a third enemy flanked their lane and ganked his teammate too. Ninja didn’t yell and scream. Instead, he just quickly left the game and ended the stream.

“Alright, guys, I hope you enjoyed the stream,” he said while casually yawning and cracking his knuckles. “I’m going to get off and relax for the day.” 

Initially, it looked like he wasn’t going to do it. But then he confirmed he was “actually” serious, closed the game, and ended the stream.

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His little rage-quit is a moment all League players know a little too well. However, everyone knows he’s going to come crawling back soon to ranked — it’s like a drug.

Ninja will likely get back on the saddle in the next stream and pick up where he left off.