Wild Rift Sion champion guide: Best builds, abilities, lore

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Wild Rift Sion

With Wild Rift patch 3.3b now live, players are looking to learn more about new baron lane tank: Sion. Here is everything you need to know about the champion, from his skills, lore, and best builds.

Initially teased in the Wild Rift patch 3.3 preview and officially released in patch 3.3b, Sion is a tank that loves to run it down. But unlike champions like Yasuo, he’s rewarded for doing so. Once he dies, Sion turns into a literal zombie, where he can auto-attack at incredible speeds until the zombie health runs out.

This makes him a great split pusher and front liner. In addition, his ultimate drives him forward a little similarly to Nunu with less steer control. Utilizing this ability is essential to maximizing the pick and make game-changing engages.

Here’s what you need to know about Sion in Wild Rift, including his lore, an overview of his abilities, optimal items, and runes.


Who is Sion in Wild Rift?

Sion, the Undead Juggernaut, is a Noxian warrior of a traditional era — having gained a reputation for slaughtering all who stood in his way. He took oaths to his ancestors to never take a step backward in battle, and to die a proud warrior’s death when his time comes.

His death came to the hands of Demacia’s king — Jarvan the first. But before dying, he grasped the king’s throat, defying death until Sion managed to end Jarvan’s life.

Boram Darkwill, Grand General of Noxus, opened Sion’s grave many years later — desperate to hone any strength to return the nation to its prior glory. Sion was returned to life with more bloodlust than before, killing all those who stood in the way of his rampage.

Sion became too uncontrollable on the battlefield, slaughtering enemies and allies alike. He was sealed, only to be unleashed by a new leader: Jericho Swain.

Wild Rift Sion
Sion has very little memory of his prior life, having solely become a weapon of destruction.

Sion abilities in Wild Rift

For those familiar with Sion in League of Legends, his playstyle and abilities shouldn’t come as much of a surprise.

  • Passive — Glory in Death: After dying, Sion comes back to life momentarily, rapidly decreasing in health. His rapid attacks heal him, and deal bonus damage based on his target’s maximum health.
  • 1 — Decimating Smash: Charges a powerful swing, dealing damage in front of him. Charging it fully will knock enemies up and stun them.
  • 2 — Soul Furnace: Creates a shield around himself, which explodes after three seconds dealing damage to enemies around him. Killing enemies stacks his maximum health.
  • 3 — Roar of the Slayer: Shoots a short range shockwave dealing damage while slowing those hit. This reduces the armor of the first enemy hit. If the shockwave hits a minion, it is launched backwards, dealing damage, slowing, and reducing armor of those hit.
  • 4 — Unstoppable Onslaught: Charges in a single direction, gaining speed over time. He can steer slightly, with the impact knocking enemies up and dealing damage based on the distance he charged.

Take (2) Soul Furnace level 1, as it provides great wave and trading potential. Then (1) Decimating Smash to optimize wave clears, and (3) Roar of the Slayer at level 3. Then prioritize upgrading (1) Decimating Smash, then (2) Soul Furnace, and finally (3) Roar of the Slayer.

And of course, upgrade (4) Unstoppable Onslaught whenever possible.

Sion Build in Wild Rift

This new champion is first and foremost a tank. And as with many pure tanks, Sunfire Cape is a great item to start with. Then build Iceborn Gauntlet, which provides great utility.

In regards to boots, take defensive boots — be it the armor or the magic resist ones pending on the matchups. Gargoyle Enchant will be the best fully upgraded item.

Since Sion’s ultimate allows him to push very well, take Hullbreaker as well. This helps him mow down turrets, even when he’s in his undead passive form.

Wild Rift Sion Build
Wild Rift Sion Item Build,

Sion Runes in Wild Rift

Grasp of the Undying is a great keystone rune to help Sion gain more stacking health, as well as making burst trades in lane. Then take either Weakness or Triumph, whichever fits your individual play style better.

Wild Rift Sion Build
Wild Rift Sion Runes

For the Resolve Tree, take Second Wind, which will allow Sion to stay in lane more effectively and thereby perform his split pushing duties. And for the Inspiration Tree, of course take Demolish to help mow down those turrets.

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