Wild Rift Zoe guide: Release date, best build, runes, ability upgrades

Wild Rift ZoeRiot Games

Zoe is a mage with a very unique playstyle in Wild Rift, with the ability to steal the enemies’ abilities. The champion is likely to release in patch 4.0. To help inform players of the trickster, here is everything to know.

Zoe was originaly an ordinary girl, who was deemed too mischievous by her teachers. But after being recognized by The Aspect of Twilight, who is pretty much a God, she merged with The Aspect. This granted her the power to jump between dimensions of reality. Despite her new godlike powers, her curious and innocent nature remains unchanged.

And it’s in this state that she debuts in Wild Rift, where she plays as a teleporting mage who utilizes skill shots to burst down enemies.

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To read more Zoe’s lore, click here.

Zoe release date in Wild Rift

The official Wild Rift Zoe release date is on January 12 at 00:01 UTC. This information was revealed in the January news update, which was published soon after Wild Rift patch 4.0 preview. However, the Wild Rift Zeri release won’t occur simultaneously, debuting on February 24 more than a month after.

Wild Rift Zoe: Recommended item build

Though the champions hasn’t released yet, Zoe’s build is rather predictable. She will love to build straight ability power and magic penetration to increase her burst damage potential.

  • Luden’s Echo
  • Rabadon’s Deathcap
  • Void Staff
  • Zhonya’s Enchant
  • Infinity Orb
  • Morellonomicon
  • Wild Rift Zoe: Recommended runes

    The runes of Zoe prioritize burst damage. Therefore, taking electrocute will serve her well, alongside other runes to help optimize for her low defensive stats to prevent her from being burst down.

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    • Electrocute/Summoner Aery
    • Sudden Impact
    • Nullifying Orb
    • Nimbus Cloak

    Wild Rift Zoe abilities

    Since Wild Rift Zoe’s abilities may change from her League PC counterpart’s, this section will be updated properly once the champ officially releases in the mobile MOBA.

    As for her ability upgrades, they’re rather predictable as long as Zoe’s ability scalings remain relatively consistent with League PC’s. Of course, this will be updated if the information proves to be incorrect after proper play testing.

    Ability upgrade priority

    • Paddle Star (first ability) > Sleepy Trouble Bubble (third ability) > Spell Thief (second ability)