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Wild Rift Tier List: Best Champions to use

Published: 11/Jan/2022 14:05

by Lauren Bergin


Looking for a Wild Rift tier list so that you can dominate in League of Legends‘ mobile spinoff? Here are the best and worst champions.

Just as with League of Legends’ flagship PC MOBA, mobile spinoff Wild Rift has champions that were simply created a little bit better than the rest.

Interestingly, however, the game‘s meta doesn’t directly correlate with LoL’s, as there are not as many champions and a whole load of different factors to take into account.

Looking for a Wild Rift tier list to ensure that you’re the one who’s channeling their inner K/DA Ahri and getting used to life upon the throne? Here’s a rundown of the best champions to play in League’s sister title.



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Are you hoping to join Ahri on the Wild Rift throne? Here’s the best champs to use to ensure victory.

Wild Rift Tier List: Best Champions

S Tier

S Tier champions are, unsurprisingly, the best of the best. Thankfully for ADC and support mains, there’s a whole host of champs you can choose from. Looking for an aggressive late? Lucien and Nami are a perfect choice. Prefer engage supports? Try out Varus and Thresh – the possibilities are endless.

While the other character pools are a little more shallow, we’d recommend trying out Nunu & Willump in the jungle if you’re a little less experienced, then Zed and Darius across mid and baron.

Baron Jungle Mid ADC Support
Fiora Kha’Zix Ziggs Varus Nami
Jayce Lee Sin Irelia Xayah Lulu
Camille Nunu & Willump Orianna Kai’sa Janna
Darius Rengar Zed Ezreal Morgana
Renekton Vi Diana Corki Galio
Riven Camille Akali Lucien Thresh
Fiora Caitlyn Braum

A Tier

While A Tier champions rank a little lower than their S Tier colleagues, they’re still some of the most viable in-game. We’d recommend picking champions from either of these pools, especially if none of the S Tier characters fit your playstyle.


You can always bank on the likes of Irelia or Lucien to deal damage across the board, whereas the likes of Kayle or Ahri won’t be as powerful as S Tier counterparts.

Baron Jungle Mid ADC Support
Irelia Jarvan IV Ashkan Draven Alistar
Malphite Graves Corki Jinx Seraphine
Kayle Xin Zhao Fizz Tristana Sona
Akali Wukong Ahri Ashe Brand
Olaf Evelynn Veigar Miss Fortune Senna
Dr Mundo Dr Mundo Twisted Fate Jhin
Garen Pantheon Brand
Gragas Tryndamere Lucien
Pantheon Katarina
Tryndamere Aurelian Sol
Jarvan IV

B Tier

While the B Tier is home to quite a few of LoL’s poster children, we’d recommend that you focus honing your skills on champions of a higher level. In certain circumstances, these champions can be viable, but it’s all about weighing up the pros and cons.

Take Seraphine, Annie, and Lux: all of these characters do magic damage, but there’s simply harder hitters Orianna and Ziggs to choose from.


Baron Jungle Mid ADC Support
Singed Shyvana Seraphine Senna Blitzcrank
Master Yi Annie Ashkan Soraka
Amumu Lux

C Tier

Sadly, C Tier champions offer very little to your team, and we’d advise you to avoid them for now.

Nasus simply doesn’t pack the punch needed to take down enemies, while Teemo doesn’t do enough damage and has very little HP to work with.

Baron Jungle Mid ADC Support
Nasus Nasus
Teemo Teemo

So that’s it for our Wild Rift tier list! Of course, if there’s a specific champion that you vibe with, then you should aim high and keep playing them. Looking for all of the latest Wild Rift news though? Be sure to check out our dedicated page.