New League of Legends champion Seraphine revealed: Abilities, splash art

Alan Bernal

The next champion for League of Legends has been revealed, and players will soon be able to hit the Rift with champion 152, Seraphine.

Following months of leaks, clues, and unique Twitter profile updates ‘belonging’ to the upcoming character, Riot has finally given a full look at the next challenger to fight in their popular MOBA.

It’s a strange distinction, but the developers made a point to differentiate the Seraphine that everyone has been getting to know from the Piltovan pop star that people will actually get to play in League of Legends.

All of the lore aside, Seraphine will be the newest Mage in League who will be most beneficial when teams are grouped together. As such, her abilities and passive are going to have a few new components for people to keep in mind.

League of Legends Seraphine release date

Seraphine’s official Splash Art in League of Legends.

After months of speculation, players will finally be able to test out the new champion very soon to see if her musical talents can change the tune of the Rift.

Seraphine is set to take the Rift in the Public Beta Environment (PBE) on October 13, and will officially hit the live servers soon after on October 29.

Seraphines abilities

Passive – Stage Presence

Using the “sounds of souls around you,” the Starry-Eyed Songstress has a passive called Stage Presence that lets every third basic ability cast an “echo,” that lets her automatically cast the spell a second time.

“Every third basic ability Seraphine casts will echo, automatically casting a second time. Additionally, whenever she casts an ability nearby an ally, she will create a Note. Each Note gives her basic attacks more attack range and deal additional magic damage, consuming the Note.”

Q – High Note

“Seraphine projects a pure note, dealing magic damage that’s increased by the target’s missing health percentage.”

W – Surround Sound

“Seraphine surrounds her nearby allies in a song, granting herself and her allies movement speed and a shield. If Seraphine is already shielded, she can heal her nearby allies, restoring health based on how many allies are near her.”

E – Beat Drop

“Seraphine unleashes a heavy soundwave, dealing magic damage to enemies in a line and slowing them. Enemies that are already slowed are rooted, and already rooted enemies are stunned.”

R – Encore

“Seraphine takes the stage, projecting a captivating force that charms enemies and deals magic damage. Any champions struck (allies included) become part of the performance, extending the range of the ability and granting allies maximum Notes.”

Seraphine’s musical gameplay

Seraphine was designed to be the opposite of all the hate and toxicity that Riot saw League players show in their matches. “I was working on Seraphine at a time where I thought everyone hated each other when they played League. It seemed like people resented that League was a team game,” Senior Games Designer Jeevun ‘Jag’ Sidhu said.

To that effect, the more players are grouping and working as a unit, the more mileage they’ll get out of the Support Mage’s moveset.

“Seraphine’s kit encourages players to group up around Seraphine and play together… And it only gets better as more people join her entourage,” Riot writer Erika ‘Cashmiir’ Haas said.

Seraphine will be the 152nd champion in League of Legends.

With the amount of shields and heals that she can dish out, she is the perfect compliment to teams that are looking for hard-engages.

All in all, Seraphine has the potential to be a really aggressive support when she shows up to the fray. But her value increasingly rises the more teammates she has close to her to combo abilities off of.

Seraphine’s lore explained

So, there is only one conceptual character called ‘Seraphine.’ But there’s the version of the character coming to the Rift who hails from Piltover, and then there’s the K/DA alternate universe Seraphine who people have been getting to know more about through her Twitter from regular updates and selfies.

As far as the game’s lore is concerned, she can hear the souls inside of the crystals that powers Hextech creations.

“Most Piltovans are unaware, but hextech relies on crystals that have brackern souls,” Narrative Writer Daniel ‘Istogaiden’ Couts said. “Seraphine’s the first person who can hear the brackern in these crystals. Song is important to the brackern, and that song continues from their crystals. She connects with one in particular, losing herself in its song and, in the process, learning to handle her power.”

The cat-loving Seraphine on social media isn’t exactly the same one in LoL, but people have already gotten to love the new character all the same.

Her empathetic nature led her to eventually make music out of what she hears, resulting in her rising music career, and, eventually, her powers.

“She wants to connect with others and elevate them so deeply, so she learns to do it the only way she knows how: music,” Cashmiir wrote.

Champion 152 has been a long time coming for League of Legends fans, and they’ll soon get the chance to incorporate the latest addition into their gameplans when Seraphine drops on the Rift.

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