New jungler, mid laner teased in League of Legends Season 13 launch

League of Legends Season 13 jungler teaserRiot Games

Beyond Milio and Naafiri, League of Legends’ two announced champions for Season 13, Riot has revealed two more are on their way: a jungler and a mid laner. It’s early days, but players can expect a similar content schedule to previous years in 2023.

The new champions keep coming to League of Legends. With more than 160 picks now available in the game, there’s plenty of options. But in Season 13, players can expect at least four new champions.

With enchanter support Milio and Darkin assassin Naafiri now known by name after plenty of teasers and leaks, Riot has also confirmed two new champions coming in Season 13 for junglers and mid laners.

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“Looking further out, we have a hangry jungler and an artistic mid laner who are looming in the distance,” lead champion designer Lexi ‘Lexical’ Gao said at season start. “They’re a bit too early to talk about at the moment, but look out for future teasers.”

The pacing in this regard, of around four to six champion releases plus a handful of reworks and mid-scope updates, is similar to the pace Riot has been tackling since around Season 10.

League of Legends Naafiri champion teaserRiot Games
Four new champions have been confirmed for 2023 so far in League of Legends.

Players can expect the same for Season 13, Gao told Dexerto, but it’s not always going to be this way with new content fluctuating based on team resources and niches to fill.

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“I think we have not traditionally said we want to have a certain pacing,” she said. “It’s mostly if there’s good opportunities for the team to tackle, as well as our current team size.

“Overall while knowing the schedule I think it’ll be simple compared to the last two to three years, I don’t think that’s by design. They just happen to be similar.”

The new jungler and mid laner, plus Milio and Naafiri, make for four new releases ⁠— one shy of 2022’s total of five, but equal with 2021. Outside of brand-new content, the Aurelion Sol CGU is ready for release in February, while Skarner’s VGU is being worked on in the background.

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Mid-scope updates-wise, Riot is pushing Jax’s major overhaul in LoL patch 13.1, with Neeko soon to follow. Reworks for Rell and Yuumi are also under investigation.