Aurelion Sol rework in League of Legends starts Star Forger’s kit “from scratch”

Andrew Amos
Mecha Aurelion Sol in League of Legends

Aurelion Sol is getting a League of Legends rework in Season 12 in the game’s first comprehensive champion update (CGU). The Star Forger has a mighty fantasy his current abilities don’t live up to, and that’s what’s changing.

Aurelion Sol was meant to be the god of League of Legends’ mid lane ⁠— literally. However, the Star Forger has failed to deliver on that fantasy with his current kit being memed into oblivion by players.

That has led to Aurelion Sol boasting one of the game’s lowest play rates of 0.52% in his primary role of mid lane. His win rates aren’t the worst ever, but he’s only ever touched by a dedicated group of mains and no one else.

Riot wants to change that with a revolutionary update to the Star Forger called a CGU. The first of its kind in League of Legends will “start his gameplay over from scratch” while keeping his visuals and thematics intact.

Here’s what we know about the Aurelion Sol rework so far in League of Legends.

Storm Dragon Aurelion Sol in TFT
Aurelion Sol is getting League’s first comprehensive champion update (CGU).

What do we know about Aurelion Sol’s new abilities in League of Legends?

Riot has been tinkering away at Aurelion Sol changes in League of Legends for years, but according to developer Rob ‘KingCobra’ Rosa, a total overhaul to his abilities was required to actually live up to his thematic.

“He is one of the most appealing champions to our players, mostly because of his thematic. This idea of being a starforging space dragon god ⁠— bombastic, egotistical, huge personality,” he explained. 

“He knows he is one of the most powerful characters in our lore, and we want his kit and gameplay to reflect that.”

The developers are yet to lock in a solid direction, but in a quick gameplay showcase on July 15, they highlighted a new version of his Q that would scale the longer the game goes on.

“While we’re still early on in ideation, a direction we’re really excited about is having Aurelion Sol shine as a late-game mage,” KingCobra continued. “He expresses his godlike powers through a unique scaling fantasy. 

“Some of Aurelion Sol’s spells will grow larger and larger in size. As they grow, their visuals will evolve to reflect the new power that they have. The goal here is that when you get to the late game, you feel like a space god.”

Specifics of Aurelion Sol’s new abilities haven’t been revealed, but we’ll keep you updated right here once they are.

Is there an Aurelion Sol rework release date in League of Legends?

Riot is yet to lock in a solid date for the Aurelion Sol rework in League of Legends, but players can expect it before the end of Season 12 ⁠— sometime in the latter half of 2022.

However this will take some time, so don’t rush Riot on it: “We really want to deliver on something that’s awesome, that lives up to the hype that players had way back in the day when we were teasing Ao Shin who turned into Aurelion Sol, and we’re doing our darndest to make Aurelion Sol as cool as he can possibly be.”

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