Rell & Yuumi reworks still under “investigation” as League of Legends Season 13 starts

Bewitching Yuumi in League of LegendsRiot Games

Two of League of Legends’ most problematic champions, Rell and Yuumi, have promised reworks in Season 13. Riot has told Dexerto they are still under “investigation” and the direction on both is “inconclusive”.

Riot has been turning up the pace on champion updates over the last two years, with the new mid-scope and comprehensive gameplay updates (CGUs) now residing alongside the fully-fledged visual and gameplay updates (VGUs).

With big changes earmarked for Jax, Neeko, and Aurelion Sol in the near future, Riot has started lining up the next batch. Rell and Yuumi are top of the list, with the duo of supports wildly missing the mark for two different reasons.

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For the former, Riot feels Rell missed out on fulfilling her fantasy and will be taking a second pass on her entire kit to get it perfect. For the latter, design goals around Yuumi have changed, with Riot wanting to make her a beginner-friendly support versus a pro play staple.

It’s still early days though, with lead champion producer Lexi ‘Lexican’ Gao telling Dexerto there’s still no firm direction on both reworks.

“We have done an investigation on them and are they good as mid-scope [update] candidates. Those investigations are still ongoing,” she said.

Star Guardian Rell in League of LegendsRiot Games
A Rell update is expected in League of Legends Season 13, but Riot isn’t sure what direction to take her yet.

“With mid-scopes, it’s a combination of is there a need, how fast can we accomplish this without doing a full VGU, as well as are there interesting ideas from the team that we could utilize in a short span of time to release the mid-scopes?

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“In terms of Rell and Yuumi, it is inconclusive at the moment, but I’m sure there’ll be more news soon enough.”

It comes after a mega December dev blog on Yuumi’s rework specifically divided players over Riot’s intentions to keep her attach mechanic, something the community believes leads to the majority of the Magical Cat’s issues.