Jax receiving first major League of Legends update in nearly 14 years

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As Riot continues to ramp up their patented League of Legends mid-scope updates in Season 13, they have already revealed their next candidates with Jax leading the charge. The top laner will get some focused changes on his ultimate to bring him up to speed.

Throughout League of Legends history, one champion has enjoyed a solid player base in the game’s top lane: Jax. As of LoL patch 12.22, he boasts a 50.65% win rate with a 13% presence in ranked games. That’s above average on both counts.

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However he is an old champion. As part of the original 40, his kit has basically remained exactly the same for nearly 14 years now. It’s fluid but outdated compared to his modern counterparts. Riot wants to breathe some life into it as a result with this mid-scope update.

The developers are piecing together some big changes for the Grandmaster At Arms, focusing on his ultimate, to bring up to speed with others in Season 13. Here’s what that looks like.

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Riot Games
Jax is getting a major gameplay overhaul for the first time in League of Legends, nearly 14 years on from release.

What’s changing in Jax’s League of Legends rework?

Riot has not shared major details on Jax’s upcoming mid-scope update. However there will be a key focus of his League of Legends Season 13 changes: his ultimate, Grandmaster’s Might. It’s a pretty basic raw stat boost ⁠— akin to what Olaf’s Ragnarok was before his own rework ⁠— and Riot want to give it a bit more perceived power.

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“His changes will be on the smaller side,” developer August ‘August’ Browning said, “mostly focused on the feel of the ult.”

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Where else in Jax’s kit they will take that budget from remains to be seen. However it appears most of Jax’s identity of jumping in, dodging everything, and melting enemies should stay in place.

Is there a release date for the Jax mid-scope update in League of Legends?

Riot has locked in Jax’s League of Legends mid-scope update for Season 13, sometime in 2023. An exact date hasn’t been announced, but once the developers push through with the implementation of preseason, you can expect the champion changes to ramp up again.

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