LS quickly unbanned on Twitch after Riot DMCA for co-streaming LEC

Josh Tyler
LS has been banned on Twitch.Instagram: lsxyz9, YouTube: LEC

League of Legends streamer and former professional head coach Nick “LS” De Cesare claims he was banned on Twitch because of a DMCA takedown from Riot Games.

DMCA takedowns are no laughing matter for creators, as they can take streams down for days or weeks, resulting in lost revenue.

While most of the time, a DMCA takedown is due to a streamer playing unauthorized music or watching movies while streaming, it’s quite rare to see takedowns for just watching another game.

But that appears to be the case for the former Cloud9 head coach and current League of Legends streamer.

LS gets DMCA ban for watching LEC VODs

LS regularly reviews professional games on streams to provide his entertaining analysis to viewers. However, it’s not always possible to show the games as he is reviewing them due to copyright issues.

The LEC, unlike the LCS, does not have a co-streaming policy that allows select streamers to live-view games with their viewers.

As a result, streamers like LS who want to commentate the matches live, will not show the games but will include a timer on screen so viewers can sync the official stream of the games and listen to their commentary.

Unfortunately, LS has reported on Twitter that he has received a DMCA takedown from Riot Games, the company that owns League of Legends, and has had his Twitch account banned.

One viewer replied that it could be because LS had watched VODs of past games on stream before the live matches began.

However, LS disputed this by saying that these are edited versions of the Twitch mods and that he has used them without issue in the past.

Luckily for LS’s fans, it appears that the issue was quickly resolved. His stream is currently live once again so he only missed the first game of the LEC playoffs.