LoL players request quality-of-life feature with seasonal ranked skins

Liam Ho
Victorious Morgana splash art

League of Legends players have requested a massive quality-of-life feature for seasonal ranked skins that allow for more variety and player choice.

League of Legends is a highly competitive game, pitting teams of 5 against each other, so it’s only natural that there would be a form of competition between players. This is particularly so when you face off against your opposing laner in a 1v1 or 2v2, essentially comparing your skill to theirs.

Ranked is no different either, with players trying to climb even higher than they did in previous seasons. For the most part, the reward is just bragging rights, with a shiny border that you can flex on the lower ranks, however, there is a ranked skin for players who partake in the competitive mode.

This ranked skin changes from season to season, with Riot selecting a champion to feature the skin on. But it seems players want a quality-of-life update to the longstanding tradition, hoping to see devs introduce more variety and player choice to the system.

LoL players want massive quality of life update to Victorious skins

League of Legends players are requesting that the devs implement a token feature that allows players to pick and choose what ranked skin they want.

“Skins are an integral part of the gaming experience, and receiving a Tryndamere skin after a whole season of tryharding when you don’t play the champion,” one player explained. “Wouldn’t it be more interesting to receive a victorious token that allows the player to choose the victorious skin they like from existing ones?”

Many players agreed, wanting a system that would allow them to grab previously retired skins.

“Dude, you can’t believe how much I would give to have Victorious Elise as a jungle main who started Season 2 but didn’t play ranked then.”

“It would be nice to get rewarded by getting a skin I actually want rather than one they choose to give me,” another spoke out.

Victorious Tryndamere Model
Victorious Tryndamere was the most recent skin to be released for ranked.

Others were surprised that they hadn’t already introduced a system like this, as it’s incredibly similar to prestige skins.

“I honestly thought they would have moved in that direction a while back when they changed how prestige skins worked to remove the exclusiveness they originally had.”

With the ranked split for Season 2024 just begun, there’s no quite telling what Riot has up their sleeves, meaning players will just have to wait and see what the devs have been cooking.

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