LoL devs introduce major quality of life mission to Hall of Legends battle pass

Liam Ho
Hall of Legends event pass

League of Legends developers Riot Games have introduced a major quality-of-life repeating mission to the Hall of Legends battle pass, allowing players to complete it in a more timely manner.

The League of Legends developers have introduced a major quality-of-life improvement to the Hall of Legends event. The event which features a battle pass, Ahri skin, and more was created to celebrate the achievements of renowned professional players. The inaugural version of the event honored Faker, arguably the most well-known LoL player to date.

Despite the controversy surrounding the Ahri skin, the battle pass for the event offers players a bunch of goodies including mythic essence, SKT T1 skins, and other cosmetics, making it one of the best we’ve had in a while. On top of that, the requirements to level aren’t exponential, making it far less grindy than other event passes.

Now Riot is introducing a new quality of life update to the pass to help assist players even more, including a repeatable mission that provides experience to those who complete it.

This change was aimed particularly at ARAM and Arena players, who would miss out on achieving certain objectives like slaying epic monsters or taking down towers. Completing these objectives would allow you to progress through the missions much faster, meaning you had to play fewer games to grab all the rewards.

According to the developers, the Hall of Legends passes should take less than half the time to hit max level when compared to standard event passes, making it a far more enjoyable and less grindy experience.

This is a common complaint players have had about event passes in the past, so it’s great to see the devs are looking out and valuing players’ time and money.

The Hall of Legends event will end on July 8th, 2024, and players will have up to July 15th to claim their loot and battle pass rewards.