LoL devs reveal champion mastery emote redesign following player backlash

Liam Ho
Victorious Janna splash art

The League of Legends developers have revealed a new redesign for the champion mastery emotes following backlash from the player base.

League of Legends developers Riot Games have given us a new look at the champion mastery emote redesign coming later down the line. The original design was well-liked by the community but was eventually revamped with the champion mastery system.

The new emote has left a bad taste in players’ mouths, with some going so far as to call it “mobile game” quality. While the mastery system itself is not receiving any changes, it seems Riot is more willing to investigate the cosmetic side, developing a new emote that should better accommodate players willing to put in the hours.

Rioter Jordan Checkman came forward on Twitter to reveal the current in-progress design for the new emote.

“We’re trying to strike a balance between respecting the previous mastery but updating it, as opposed to a complete re-imagining like previously.”

As shown above, the redesign is similar to the older one, with the dev trying to reimagine the cosmetic while still respecting the previous. The result is a much more refined and modern imagining of the emote, one that makes more sense in today’s League of Legends.

Of course, there’s far more to an emote than just the image that appears. The devs have to take into account several factors like the animation, the sound that plays, and how the emote changes with the player’s mastery level. These are factors that are being taken into account, with no ETA being provided by the Rioters.

This means that it may still be early days before we receive any form of new mastery emote in League of Legends. And while it’s great the developers are looking to redesign them, it may be quite some time before their work ever comes to light.