LoL players question Smite pet change: “Why give the option to fail?”

Liam Ho
Ivern splash art

League of Legends players are questioning a new change coming to the Smite summoner spell in Patch 13.15, wondering why it even exists in the first place.

Riot’s popular MOBA League of Legends is constantly changing. With new patch and update bringing balancing, skins, and new content to the very old title. These balance updates often tweak the game’s system and champions, ensuring the game remains in a stable state so that players can continue to enjoy it.

However, the newest patch arriving in League has brought about some controversial changes. Riot is looking to adjust the summoner spell Smite, which has been integral to junglers since the beginning of the game. Smite allows a player to deal massive true damage to a jungle camp or pet, allowing them to secure priority objectives like Baron and Dragon.

This is being changed in Patch 13.15, as the devs are looking to increase the impact of champion pets and summons. Smite’s damage is being severely reduced against champion pets, now only dealing 20 – 160 true damage. This removes the capacity for players’ pets to be one-shot via smite, granting them a bit more power. This change has been questioned by the community, with many wondering about its purpose.

LoL players question the point of new Smite change

Many players are wondering why smiting pets entirely isn’t just being removed, as the damage dealt now is minimal.

“I fully understand why the damage to pets is getting reduced but this seems like going both too far AND not far enough at the same time. If the goal was to stop people from smiting pets then why not just make pets untargetable to smite?” one post states on Reddit.

The player continues to say that the change can be more detrimental to others, who may accidentally smite the champion pet and waste it.

“With the current change, all it does is make it possible to waste smite by accidentally clicking on the giant pet next to a champion. Dealing roughly 100 damage to pets with upwards of 2000-3000 hp is quite literally just a waste so….why even give players the option to fail?”

Meanwhile, some other players are terrified of the immense power spike this has given to champions.

“So have they recruited an Ivern main to the balance team or something? Do they want him to be broken?” another exclaimed.

The changes are currently on the PBE, meaning that it’s not confirmed that they’ll head to the live server, but players are more than concerned about the direction Riot is taking here.

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