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League of Legends devs reveal first look at Volibear’s reworked abilities

Published: 11/Apr/2020 11:40 Updated: 11/Apr/2020 11:41

by Daniel Cleary


Riot Games have revealed a detailed first look at the Freljordian Demigod, Volibear’s upcoming visual and gameplay update in League of Legends.

League of Legends developers held a community vote in 2019 for fans to choose which of current champions needed a rework most. After it was revealed that both Fiddlesticks and Volibear had been chosen by players, Riot quickly got to work on revamping the pair.

Following the massive Fiddlesticks VGU on April 1, Riot revealed that Volibear was also nearly ready for a new look on the Rift and revealed part of the Thunderous Bear’s reworked model and ability kit.

Riot Games
Volibear was chosen to receive a revamp alongside Fiddlesticks in May 2019.

Despite not straying too far from the ursine champion’s original look, Riot’s latest blog post explained that the new version of Volibear is much more feral and better aligned with the Demigod’s lore.

League of Legends gameplay designer Nathan Lutz revealed that they were inspired to make the champion feel “relentless” in-game and implement “modern takes” on Volibear’s old kit to help him keep up with some of the new releases.

“He still runs on all fours and locks down a single target,” Lutz said, explaining that they did not stray too far from his former kit, “He still has a targeted bite, rampaging attack speed and chain lightning, only now it lasts for as long as he remains in combat.”

Riot Games
An updated look at Volibear’s upcoming character model in League of Legends.

However, they also gave fans a sneak peek at his new ‘E’ ability and the VFX behind it, which creates a “shockwave flash” before leaving a “glowing crater” behind.

Despite not revealing what exactly this new ability does, many have suggested that it could be used to slow enemies struck by the “shockwave” similarly to the skill it is set to replace.

Riot Games
Volibear’s new E ability seemingly deals a “shockwave flash” to players caught inside the ring.

They later revealed that Volibear’s ultimate would also be receiving some significant changes and despite not revealing too much they hinted that it would be in line with his title as the “Freljordian god of storms” and offer some utility that the champ “has never had before.”

Riot has not revealed a release date for the Volibear VGU as of yet but explained in the post that from the time of the announcement, “Voli’s release will be shorter than it was for Fiddlesticks,” suggesting that he would be making his way to PBE servers within the coming weeks.

League of Legends

Riot dev explains lack of Yasuo & Yone buffs after League win rates drop

Published: 29/Nov/2020 18:01

by Daniel Cleary


A Riot Games developer has responded to League of Legends players calling for Yasuo and Yone to be buffed after the champions took a significant hit in win rate percentage following the Season 11 item overhaul.

After Riot announced that they would be introducing a massive item overhaul in the 2021 preseason, many players were concerned about the effects it would have on champion balancing in League of Legends.

The 2021 preseason has already seen many balance changes such as the rise of tanks like Amumu and Sejuani, but Riot has been quick to make even more characters viable with League patch 10.24.

However, two popular mid-lane champions, Yasuo and Yone, have seen a massive drop in win rate percentage after the new item update, and the lack of buffs has caused fans to reach out to Riot devs for an update.

Yasuo's Odyssey skin in League of Legends
Riot Games
Yasuo and Yone were two champions that have been hard by the League Item overhaul.

One Redditor called out to League developer Riot Phlox, asking why there were no pre-emptive buffs for champions like Yone and if there would be any changes in the upcoming patch.

The League of Legends dev explained that, although Yasuo and Yone have been underwhelming so far, he believes that part of that is due to some of the current item builds that players are choosing, and not necessarily their strength in-game.

He revealed that buying Immortal Shieldbow into Infinity Edge was quite strong, compared to the traditional Phantom Dancer start that has been a go-to for players piloting the high-crit damage champions in past seasons.

But, with Yone still sitting at 43% win-rate and Yasuo at 45% in high-elo matches, according to u.gg, Riot Phlox admitted that they might be in need of some adjustments in the future.

“I think Critbros (Yasuo and Yone) still building terrible items on average,” he explained, claiming that he was unsure if buffs would be needed, “still might need buffs but not on fire.”

Despite being two of the most popular characters, the Ionian brothers are currently the worst performing champions in the mid lane.

However, as of now, it is unclear just what Riot has planned ahead of the competitive spring season.