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League of Legends players raise $6m in Dawnbringer Karma sales

Published: 11/Apr/2020 13:52 Updated: 11/Apr/2020 13:54

by Andrew Amos


League of Legends players have managed to raise $6 million for the Social Impact Fund, which will be distributed to a number of non-profit organizations around the world as voted by the community.

The Dawnbringer Karma skin joined the League of Legends’ roster back in December 2019 as the game’s 1000th skin. The momentous occasion was put to good use though, with proceeds from the skins sale in December and January going towards charity.

The month-long drive was successful, helping raise millions of dollars for Riot’s Social Impact Fund, and now players will have a chance to choose where that money goes.

Riot has announced that the Dawnbringer Karma skin drive raised $6 million for charity during its month-long stint in the shop. Now, that money is going back into the community.

46 non-profit organizations have been selected based on being “effective, impactful, and working on meaningful issues in their local communities.”

Players will get to vote for one of three partners in their region, with the winner receiving 50% of their regional fund. The other two non-profits will receive 25%, and all organizations will be guaranteed $10,000 at the very minimum.

Riot are hoping that League players will continue to support initiatives like this that help not just communities around the globe, but in their backyard too.

“We believe that leveraging our platform to give players agency in choosing the causes that matter most to their local communities is incredibly meaningful, and hope to continue finding opportunities to empower our players to give back in ways that resonate with them,” said Dylan Jadeja, President of Riot Games.

Players will have from April 10 to April 23 to log into the League of Legends client and choose their preferred non-profit.

Dark Star Cho'gath splash art for League of Legends
Riot Games
The Dark Star Cho’gath skin campaign raised $6.1 million for charity.

The Dawnbringer Karma initiative is a follow-on from the Dark Star Cho’gath campaign. The skin, designed by Make-A-Wish recipient Bryan, was sold to players to help raise money for charity. The drive was successful, with another $6 million being raised for over 20 organizations.

Riot has raised over $20 million for charity thanks to players’ generosity, and it’s unlikely to stop. The next Social Impact Fund campaign is yet to be announced, but we will let you know when you can help chip in.

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Riot address League preseason 11 ranked issues after player backlash

Published: 5/Dec/2020 6:44

by Andrew Amos


While you can’t earn much for playing ranked in preseason, many League of Legends players still do to get high quality games. This was lost on Riot originally, but they’ve addressed the LP gain problem in a new statement, vowing to make changes ahead of Season 11.

Ranked play in preseason isn’t awfully popular in League of Legends. However, it’s often the best place to get a competitive game to test out the new features. In Season 11, that has been incredibly crucial with testing the new item rework.

However, Riot sent players for a loop when a support representative said playing ranked was practically “pointless.” This led to the community being both confused and outraged for Riot basically saying ‘stop playing the game.’

The point was lost in translation though. Lead gameplay designer Mark Yetter clarified Riot are introducing some changes to LP gains in ranked to compensate for the Season 11 overhaul. However, the initial update had some unintended consequences.

“We’ve made some pretty big changes to the LP system during preseason, some of which are easy to see (no more division promos) and some of which are more under the hood (improvements to our matchmaking algorithm),” he said in a December 4 blog.

“There have been some hiccups during the rollout of these systems, but that’s why we do them during the preseason where they have a smaller impact. The end result is that we saw players’ ranks being inflated, which resulted in lower LP gains in the short term.”

With the kinks ironed out ⁠— so players won’t get weird 12 LP gains and 25 LP losses for now ⁠— Riot is feeling confident about their changes for next season. Overall, players should expect LP gains and losses to be smaller, but the system as a whole to feel fairer without promotion series.

“We’re planning to do a smaller ranked reset at the start of the season so you stay closer to the rank you’ve achieved this year, and removing divisional promotion series makes people climb faster, and benefit more from a win streak,” he stated.

“The combination of these two changes would cause significant rank inflation, so in order for the ranking system to stay accurate, we needed to tone back the amount of LP gained per win.”