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Dragons are being reworked again in League of Legends Season 12

Published: 12/Aug/2021 5:41 Updated: 12/Aug/2021 8:40

by Andrew Amos


The dragon pit has become a focal point of Summoner’s Rift since its Season 10 rework with Elemental Drakes. More changes are on their way for Season 12 though, with Dragons set to be updated in the upcoming preseason update.

The addition of souls and dynamic Elemental Rifts has turned dragon pit ⁠— and the Dragons that spawn there ⁠— into a focal point of Summoner’s Rift.

No longer is it just a neglected buff compared to the superior Baron. Dragon Soul and Elder Dragon win conditions have become part of League of Legends, leading to some insane comebacks.

However, after two seasons with little change, Riot are mixing things up again. The goal of the new Dragon rework, penned for League of Legends Season 12, is aiming to make their power even more potent.


Mountain Dragon League of Legends
Riot Games
Another Dragon rework is coming in League of Legends Season 12.

“Our original goal was to increase game-to-game variance by creating a variety of distinct and memorable environments for players to master,” the devs said in an August 11 post.

“With that said, we think there’s room for us to expand the possible unique environments players find themselves in on Summoner’s Rift.”

Riot is taking a two-pronged approach to the rework. They want to create new terrain features with each drake, altering how the game plays out on a more unique level. They also want to “expand the thematic possibilities” of how Dragon buffs works.

While it’s unlikely to be on the magnitude of the Season 10 rework, the preseason changes could affect everything.


The map-altering terrain of each dragon soul could shift from game to game, becoming more dynamic. The power of the souls themselves could be changed ⁠— something that may help to balance the stronger ones like Ocean.

Dragon rework LoL Season 12
Riot Games
Exact Dragon changes will be revealed as Preseason 12 approaches.

However, Riot isn’t revealing the changes in full until later in 2021 as Preseason 12 nears.

The next preseason update for League of Legends is also set to feature a rework to the Mythic item system, introduced in Season 11, as well as the Inspiration rune tree.

New bounties, Challenges, and progression systems are also on their way.