Lil Nas X leans into ‘1.25x speed’ meme while calling out Star Walkin haters

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Lil Nas X Star Walkin'

Lil Nas X’s Worlds 2022 track, “Star Walkin’”, has seen its fair share of criticism from LoL fans. Nas X has leaned into it and poked fun at people criticizing his new song.

After the debut of Lil Nas X’s song for LoL Worlds 2022, “Star Walkin’”, reception among both fans and content creators has certainly been mixed.

Complaints that the song is “too slow” and not hype enough to appropriately get fans ready for Worlds 2022 have been floating around.

Lil Nas X has apparently leaned into this criticism to poke fun at the mixed fan response to the track.

Lil Nas X takes Star Walkin’ criticism in stride

Shortly after the release of the Worlds 2022 song and animation, former Cloud9 coach Nick “LS” De Cesare took to twitter and put out a tweet claiming that Star Walkin’ is much better song when played at 1.25x speed.

Some people agreed with LS’ take here, but the tweet quickly morphed into a meme all its own. Some used it to criticize the song even further.

Rather than speeding the song up to listen to it in a new way, some people are speeding it up just so it can be over faster.

Lil Nas X isn’t blind to the widespread commentary about his track, and he even came up with a tweet poking fun at those bashing his Worlds 2022 song.

The star responding to criticism is nothing new, but the manner to which he responded to fans altering his song certainly pokes fun at those hating on the Worlds 2022 anthem.

Lil Nas X responded by saying people should listen to his song under a bizarre, oddly specific set of circumstances to get a better experience out of the track.

Undoubtedly, this isn’t a serious suggestion, but just a jab at the meme that’s been going around to let League players know that he is keeping up with the discourse around the song.

He was one of the main characters of the animation for this year’s Worlds 2022 music video, and his song is the track that will score Worlds 2022. The music video came shortly after Lil Nas’ takeover as the “President” of Riot Games.

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