MAD Lions win LEC 2021 Summer playoffs: Final placements & recap

LEC 2021 Summer promo image goes green and black.Riot Games

Six heavyweight European challengers entered the LEC 2021 Summer playoffs, but only one could leave as this season’s champions ⁠— and it was MAD Lions who rose above the rest to take the crown.

  • MAD Lions Take down Fnatic 3-1 to win LEC two splits in a row.
  • Fnatic manages to make finals after starting in lower bracket.
  • Rogue was the first team to qualify for Worlds 2021.

Ten became six, and in the last three weeks five more teams were eliminated throughout the playoffs as MAD Lions became the European Summer champions.

The Lions battled their way through a half-dozen other contenders to make it to the double elimination bracket. Not only do they take home the Summer title, they’ve also locked in one of three available spots at Worlds 2021 in China later this year.

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Going into the final stretch Rogue and G2 Esports were touted as the teams to beat in the LEC finals. But like history has shown time and time again, it was truly anyone’s game, leading to MAD Lions mounting an impressive title defense.

It was through a monstrous performance from the likes of Irfan Berk ‘Armut’ Tukek and Javier ‘Elyoya’ Prades Batalla, who both looked solid in their first years in the LEC.

While Armut has experienced the bright lights of Worlds before while in Turkey, all eyes will be on this MAD Lions roster — on home turf no less — to try and turn it up after a hopeful showing at MSI.

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Fnatic and Rogue will join MAD Lions at Worlds 2021, with Rogue starting in Play-Ins after finishing third overall.

Riot Games
Rogue finished first in Europe’s 18-game regular season.

LEC 2021 Summer playoffs: Recap and scores

The opening round of matches took place on August 13-15. Upper bracket matches ⁠— Rogue vs Misfits, MAD Lions vs G2 Esports — opened up the Summer playoffs. Fnatic and Vitality started their postseasons in the lower bracket. 

The Summer grand final was held on August 29. The title series was played at the LEC Studio in Berlin without fans in attendance.

Round 1 — (August 13 ⁠— August 15)

Date Match PT ET BST
Friday, August 13 Rogue 3-2 Misfits 9AM 12PM 5PM
Saturday, August 14 MAD Lions 3-1 G2 Esports 8AM 11AM 4PM
Sunday, August 15 Fnatic 3-2 Vitality 8AM 11AM 4PM

Round 2 — (August 20)

Date Match PT ET BST
Friday, August 20 Misfits 2-3 Fnatic 9AM 12PM 5PM

Round 3 — (August 22)

Date Match PT ET BST
Saturday, August 21 Rogue 0-3 MAD Lions 8AM 11AM 4PM

Loser’s Round 3 — (August 22)

Date Match PT ET BST
Sunday, August 22 G2 Esports 2-3 Fnatic 8AM 11AM 4PM

Loser’s Finals — (August 28)

Date Match PT ET BST
Saturday, August 28 Rogue 0-3 Fnatic 8AM 11AM 4PM

Grand Finals — (August 29)

Date Match PT ET BST
Sunday, August 29 MAD Lions 3-1 Fnatic 8AM 11AM 4PM

LEC 2021 Summer playoffs: Qualified Teams

All six LoL teams have now submitted their playoff lineups, with the roster lock for the Summer playoffs coming at the conclusion of the regular season.

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Team Top Jungle Mid AD Carry Support
Fnatic Adam Bwipo Nisqy Upset Hylissang
G2 Esports Wunder Jankos Caps Rekkles Mixkyx
MAD Lions Armut Elyoya Humanoid Crazzy Kaiser
Misfits Gaming Agresivoo / HiRit Razork Vetheo Kobbe Vander
Rogue Odoamne Inspired Larssen Hans Sama Trymbi
Team Vitality SLT / Szygenda Selfmade Lider / Milica Crownshot Labrov