League streamer Dantes leaves girlfriend devasted after dumping her to focus on LoL

Carver Fisher

League of Legends streamer Dantes left his girlfriend of over 6 months to focus on the solo queue ranked grind and his streaming career. She’s devastated and explained that she still has feelings for him.

Dantes has been streaming League for years, and he’s currently one of the most popular streamers in the game who consistently pulls thousands of viewers every time he goes live.

He’s also been very open in the past about how dedicated he is to the ranked grind, with him streaming 194 hours in just 10 days during his ranked climb in South Korea back in 2023.

And, though he wanted to try and make a relationship work while sticking to the massive amount of time he puts into playing League of Legends, he ultimately decided to break up with his partner, Laura. They were together for around 9 months.

“Laura and I broke up. While I could sit here and try for hours to explain the reason why, it all comes down to one simple truth; I’m not ready for a relationship. From the get go, I told her my career would be my first priority,” he explained.

Dantes would go on to talk about how Laura was supportive of him, and that she was, “in all ways possible, everything I ever wanted.”

However, he decided to break things off out of a feeling that he’d never be able to commit to a relationship with her, and that his career in League of Legends was his priority.

“Seeing her taking steps back in her own life and career in order to support me, while I was unwilling to do the same for her is just something that, over time, took its toll on me mentally.”

Laura has expressed that she still loves him after the breakup and was deeply involved in the relationship, going as far as tattooing his name on her chest.

She was distraught on stream when explaining how things happened and doesn’t see them getting back together at this time.

“Right now, I would say no, I would not get back together with him,” she said. “But I’m very emotional. If he comes back, I don’t know. Maybe I’m still at a point where I’m too deeply in love with him and I’d make the same mistake all over again. But it’s ok, we’re just humans, everyone makes mistakes.”

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